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Car of the Week: DeLorean DMC-12

Hello :)

Here's the "First Car of the Week", the DeLorean DMC-12. I've chosen this one because one week ago a new year begun and propably a lot know the Back to the Future trilogy with the DeLorean time machine and I think the DeLorean is a good sample for the future, so I picked my christmas gift :-)

Now to the DMC-12s History. .
John DeLorean, former developer of the Pontiac GTO or the Firebird, first shown his prototype in 1976 and began to produce the first ones in  January 1981. Renault biult the engines, Lotus the chassis. Both was put together at the Factory in Dunmurry/Northern Ireland.  Between January 1981 and October 1982 they produced about 9000 cars, they think about 6500 Youngtimers are still existing.
Because the DeLorean Company saled the DMC for around 12,000 $ they added the name a "-12" at the end.
For the run 0-60 mph/96kmh the european version needed 8.8s, the american version solved it in 10.5 s. The european version hat 170 hp, the american 140.  Both had a V6 engine.
Some remarkablys were, of course, the gull-wing doors and also the stainless steel body. The interieur of the first models was grey, the latest were black.

The DeLorean became fame all over the world with the release of the first of three Back to the Future movies in 1985. I think the most know Dr. Emmett Brown and the young Marty McFly, on their trips through time.

And, kind of a little surprise: Since 2008 DMC Texas in Houston is producing about 20 cars a year, till now! The new ones are made out of about 80% old parts and the rest are new ones. The price is about 58,000 Dollars/45.000 Euros.

 The pictue of the real DMC was taken while the Klassikwelt Bodensee in 2009.

As information source I used, the Photos are all taken my me. DONT PUBLISH THEM WITHOUT A LINK TO THIS BLOG!

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  1. Nice one, I've seen some of them and I've always loved it. This December I saw an electric one, its engine was took away and instead of it there was this fuckin' electric engine. What a shame!

  2. The present owners of this car own a precious piece of car history, then! Of course, the more original it is, the more classic it gets. And to think that this car is an icon of the Back to the Future series, drivers would surely feel like they're going back in time with this one. Heh.


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