Sunday, February 20, 2011

Car of the Week: McLaren Mercedes SLR

Hey Guys

Because it's my Birthday (yai, finally 18!) today I've chosen my favourite car for todays post: the McLaren Mercedes SLR :)

First some shots with 2 of my 4 SLR models (damn, where are the other ones :/) and later I gonna add some self-taken shots of SLR's.
Hope you like them! :)

Now something about the SLR
The SLR is a jointly production by Mercedes-Benz and McLaren Automotive. Up from 2003 they biult during their 7 years production time about 500 cars a year in Porthsmouth and in Woking, Surrey, England (McLarens Homebase). The base price was GB£295,337 (approx. US$450,000, €351,269, CHF 500,000 or C$ 499,999c. (2009) and made it (in 2008) to the ninth most expensive street legal car.
The letters SLR stand for Sport, Liht, Racing (or, in originally german meaning "Sport, Leicht, Rennsport").
From 0-100 kmh / 62 mph you need 3.2 seconds, from 0-200 kmh / 124 mph 9.6 seconds and from 0-300 kmh / 190 mph 24.8 seconds. With it's 626 HP you can reach a top speed of 334 kmh / 208 mph.

There are also some special editions of the SLR, like:
The 722 Edition with 650 HP and a top speed of 337 kmh / 209 mph. The name goes back to Sir Stirling Moss' starting number '722' at his participation at the 1955' Mille Miglia with a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR. They did also some modifications to reduce some weight.

The Roadster were brought to the dealers in September 2007 with a price at about £350,000 ($534 485 U.S.). It has 617 HP and, with the roof retracted, you're able to understand conversations between the co-driver and yourself perfectly up to a speed of 200 kmh / 120 mph.

The Roadster 722 S was realeased in 2009 and they produced only 150 units of the 334 kmh / 208 mph as a limited edition.

The 722 GT is the 'Rece Version' of the 722, with a wider bodywork, a racing wing and diffuser and some more modifications. It was built since 2007.

The last project of the nice Collaboration between McLaren and Mercedes was the to 75 units limited edition, the Stirling Moss, named after Sir Stirling Moss in year 2009. It's only buyable for current SLR owners.
It's inspired by the, now classical, 300 SLR and has 640 HP with a top speed of 350 kmh / 220 mph.

Here's a nice soundfile (found on wikipedia):

my SLR mousepad

my Birthday-Crown (you're getting only once 18!) :)

Have also a Great Day!
Lisa :-)


  1. Imagine driving a Stirling Moss 300 SLR, now that would truly be an experience young lady especially considering that only 75 units were manufactured, truth be told I have never even heard of them...amazing what can be learned from one so young, I do love your blog young wishes...and happy motoring/blogging...
    Best regards
    Wayne Burger


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