Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Event No. IV "Seegefrörne"

Hello People


For not German-speaking people the name of this event maybe sounds a bit crazy or weird, but that doesnt matter! ;-)
The Seegefrörne is a Rally around the Lake of Constance, from the 25th - 27th February 2011. The inolved Countries are Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Statistics say the whole Lake of Constance freezes completely about every 70 years. Even Cars are able to drive on the ice, if its frozen in propably some decades again . .
And because of that historical event some organized this event. Oldimters around the Lake, while Winter!
In your heads are rumoring Sentences like "What? Oldtimers driven in winter?" or "Poor historical cars"? Maybe you're right, but isn't it fun also to drive with your open Cabriolet through a beautiful, winter, landscape? Or even every closed car is able to enjoy the 'Winterwonderland' around the lake!
Everyone's invited to take part, if youre car isnt older than 30 years!

If you wanted to participate, its alright too late,. The latest entry day was the 4th February, but youre of course invited to come to the official-stop-cities! You can see them in the Map below!
There Clubs organize (mine, too!) something to eat and some Tests the drivers have to pass.

Because I'm doing pictures for my Club I'll also will for here, and, of course, I'll try to upload them the same evening (26th, Saturday).

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Ausschreibungsunterlagen zur Seegefrörnen 2011
Nennung zur Seegefrörnen 2011

A joint project by:
MSC Sernatingen | Arbon Classic | Scuderia Humpis | Stadt Meersburg | Messe Friedrichshafen | Zündapp Museum Sigmaringen | VVDI | Projektgruppe Oldtimer Konstanz | Classic Garage Bodensee | Bodensee Rallye | Stadt Konstanz | Oldiescheune Dornbirn


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  1. It sounds so amazing and fascinating!
    Give us news about it, next week! :)


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