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Car of the Week: Ferrari 575M

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After a periode of time now again a Car of the Week. This week its the Ferrari 575M, my model is the 'GTC' edition.

The 575M replaced the 550 in the year 2002 and was built till 2006. The following model is the 599.
The 'M' stands for the abbreviation of 'modified', or 'modificato' in italian and the '575' refers to the engine displacement in litres (5748cc).
The Maranello-engine is a V12 with a maximum power of 515 PS, the engine for the 'GTC handling package' and the Superamerica has 25 PS more.
With a maximum speed of 327 km/h (203 mph) it reaches within 4.2 seconds the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) and the 0 - 1,000m in 21.9 seconds (with the semi-automatic gearbox).

For about 17,000€ there was a GTC handling package available. It included a Brembo brake system (which were based on the F1 technology), unique 19 inch wheels, a low-restriction exhaust system. The GTC stands for Gran Turismo Competizione.

There's also a convertible version, whichs Targa glass panel roof rotates 180° at the rear to lie there flat. The GTC package was optional. Ferrari marketed it as the world's fastest convertible with its top speed of 320 km/h (199 mph). In total there were 599 built.
After Enzo Ferrari's philosophy there should always be one fewer car available than what the market is demanding.

In 2006, at the Geneva Motor Show, Zagato presented a special version of the 575M for the Japanese Ferrari collector Yoshiyuki Hayashi which was called 575GTZ.

For the FIA GT Championship Ferrari built from 2003 - 2005 a GTC Version (same as my model). Even though they had some success in their first season, the Prodrive-built 550-GTSs were more capable.

Text source:, pictures taken by me


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