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Upgraded Mercedes C-Class

The ugraded Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Matthew K., a Mercedes-Benz reporter, about the new C-Class, tested on Tenerife:

"Tenerife had yet one more highlight to offer in form of the upgraded C-Class. Having received an overdue and extensive makeover, this bestseller was ready to shine again. The sun of Tenerife added that extra portion of glitz as we took the car out for a quick spin.
I have made it very clear on a couple of occasions that I am a big fan of this upgrade, so I won’t reiterate any past statements. As a matter of fact I would like to add something new to the equation; namely how the new C-Class handles.

With warm weather, the tires and the tarmac produced a lot of grip as I took the C-Class around the curves. Again I had benched modesty for a C 350 BlueEFFICIENCY and the added horses were indeed tangible. The C-Class is no more an entrance into Star World but it has built up quite a profile on its own. This time around it has also added sportiness to its character, cleverly managing the split between comfort and quickly moving forwards. By all means, it still sets the comfort benchmark in its class but has now diversified its abilities. Curves are a delight and the V6 generates a pleasant roar when unleashed. Still it retains a civility that some of its rivals lack and it is now a very gentlemanly but truly sportive specimen.

Looking out at the sunny scenery I felt very at home in the new cockpit, although I kept wondering if these perfect warm conditions did not distort my perception and make the car appear better than it is. How would it fare under more extreme circumstances? Luckily it is a question I could answer with ease, thanks to the hospitality of Mercedes-Benz Driving Events in Sweden. Well, check it out yourself.

The new C-Class has all the necessary ingredients to stave off any potential rivals until the successor enters the scene. This is an upgrade that made real sense and rectified things that needed attention, which has not always been the case. All in all, the new C-Class is a safe bet and every time I get to drive it, I know I will feel equally at home as it made me feel on my ride in Tenerife.
As always keep upgrading, yours truthfully,
Matthew K"

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  1. Yes, i am totally agreed with you. The grip of the tire of C-class is extremely good. I have seen while driving my friend's car last week.


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