Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Golden DeLorean - Part 1

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Hey Guys

Once there was something People were very attracted to it. It was shiny and everyone wanted to own it - Gold.
But todays Gold is still very likely seen an not 'everyday', especially not as a color for a Car. Or a house/hotel. And why not bringing these both together?

A golden DeLorean, if the car isnt alown something special, in front of a golden Hotel. Can you poke me right now please?!

No, dreams come true someday and so and I went to Austria, to the 'Hotel am See' in Hard, straight at the Lake of Constance to see if these both gold shades work together well.

As you can see at the pictures below - the both match together perfectly!

But, unfortunately, the hotels covered with brass and this color shade won't last long and it will change its shade. But isn't it nice also, if you can see a houses history from the outside and its color shade?

Definitely a visit worth!
Or if not possible, enjoy the photos and share them with your friends and relatives, so everyone will have a 'golden Day'.

While the beginning of the 80s, the time the DeLorean were built, American Express ordered 3 golden ones. 2 of them had a brown interieur, but one a black one.
Inside THIS DeLorean there is the third, original, brown one. According to this "historical interieur" built a golden Car around it.
But it's not only painted. The company which colored the original ones golden, located in Germany, developed a method of painting on metal, which matches to the original ones.

Now I leave you with these shots and tomorrow at 10am Berlin's Time (4 AM in NY, 1 AM in LA, 5 PM in Tokyo, 1 PM in Abu Dhaib) I'll publish the detail-shots ;-)

Part 2 -> Click!

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  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing. Love Deloreans!!


    I'd want that kind of gold! ;-) Shiny..

  3. Fabulous, I love it !! (Back to the future !! ) :)


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