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Veloce Publishing recently published book on Preston Tucker and other great automotive innovators and innovations has been so well received, and is such a great read,  that we decided to make it our first eBook. We are particularly proud that the conversion to eBook was done entirely in house. Initially the Preston Tucker eBook is available only for Apple devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) and is downloadable via the iBooks app which will also allow sample pages to be viewed. Although the eBook costs less, its content is identical to the physical book so it represents great value for money.

"Packs plenty to fascinate anoraks of obscure cars and their masterminds." – Classic & Sports Car

"Well worth a read." – Octane

"This is a fascinating book … an excellent selection of pictures bears testimony to the far side of car design." – Classic Cars

"Innovation and engineers go hand in hand, and this book celebrate automotive trail blazers such as Preston Tucker and Guy Negre. There's a lot in here, which proves how ahead of their time many of these automotive geniuses really were." – Practical Classics

"Preston Tucker & Others is highly recommended for any auto buff interested in automotive innovators. It celebrates the pioneering innovators of automotive designs who took radical approaches to design, and offers a history lavishly illustrated, well researched and packed with color photos. A top pick for any collection strong in auto innovations and history!" – Bookwatch

"A great look at the more unusual elements of automotive history." – Daily Express

Preston Tucker & Others by Arvid Linde

ISBN: 978-1-845844-31-8
UPC: 6-36847-04431-2


UK £14.99, USA $19.99, Australia $19.99, Canada $16.99, Eurozone €16.99 (Physical book £19.99/US$39.95).

• A unique look at automotive history
• Touching, real-life stories about Preston Tucker's dream & about other innovators, too
• Details some of the rarest and most inspiring cars ever built
• Chronological details of brilliant inventions that changed motoring forever
• Over 150 illustrations
• Little-known facts about the corporate kitchen of car manufacturing
• The bitter truth about the end of British car manufacturing
• Strange ideas for the new era of car manufacturing
• Written by Arvid Linde, winner of the headlineauto 2010 award for ‘Rising Star of Year’

Arvid Linde is a car enthusiast and an appreciator of eccentric design ideas. He has an MSc degree in Car Engineering and Logistics but has currently found himself on a career path of new media marketing.
Arvid is Estonian. He worked as a car journalist for more than 10 years before moving to the UK. He now edits website where he tries to unravel the dilemma of whether the electric car is the answer to the green motoring needs of the 21st century, or just another political gimmick.
The constant dissatisfaction with some of the modern car design tendencies has worked for him as an inspiration to recall the times when engineers were more passionate about cars.

V4431 • 160 pages • 165 colour and b&w pictures

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