Sunday, July 31, 2011

Car of the Week: Ford Mustang 5th Gen.

Hey Guys

It's warm, it's summer and what's better than a pony car? - Yes, right!
So here and now I introduce you this time the 5th generation of the Ford Mustang as the Car of the Week.

In 2004 the Ford Motor Company introduced a new, retro-futurism, version of the Mustang, at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan.

Fiat 500 Review Blog

Hey Guys

Here you find all my recent Review Posts about the Fiat 500 - my own experience I had while the one month test drive.

First 24h with the Fiat 500 C

First week with the 500C // Die erste Woche mit dem 500C

Creating a Convertible out of a Fiat 500

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Favourite Car-Movie?

Hey Guys

Today I bought my first DVD (the first I can remember) and it's "The Fast and Furious - 3 - Tokyo Drift".

I've already, of course, seen all of them in cinema or on TV and also much more car-movies. But I just wanted to know, what's your favorite car movie? Maybe you can also suggest me some "new", I don't know yet? ;)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the Aftermath: Deutschlands bester Autofahrer

Hey Guys

Better late than never ...
Two weeks ago I took part at the competition "Deutschlands bester Autofahrer" (engl. "Germanys best driver") in Fürstenfeldbruck, near Munich. It's since more than 20 years organized by a big german car magazine. Here you find my first announcement after recieving the invitation in May.
As I really had to "work" there, to get everything well, I only took my crappy Camera with me and left the DSLR in my Car ... better for it :)

The day was really a asset and I can advice a participation to everyone!

So, what have the other 40 people and I done this day?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Spot of the Day: Wiesmann MF5 GT

Hey Guys

On Sunday, when I went to Austria to get some cheap petrol (~0,30 €/l cheaper!), I've seen this awesome Wiesmann MF5 GT on my way ... of course I had to stop, drive back and take some shots!
I've saved money and spottet this Gecko - could a sunday be even better?

How was your sunday? Had you also such a "good" weather? Fortunately there was also a nice sun-hour while I was abroad :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Automotive Jewellerys

Hey Guys

Now some, for some of you, "new things": automotive jewellerys.
Thanks to Schmuck Stoehr I had the opportunity to photograph some Jacques LeMans watches, Thomas Sabo Charms and some more...

Let's begin with Porsche Design

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Car of the Week: Endora SC-1

Hey Guys

Today there's no Car of the week with a "past" model car, today I want to introduce you a car of the future, the Endora SC-1.

The Design

In its body shape the SC-1 among other things looks about the concept cars once built in the fifties, sixties and early seventies. Modern and timely interpreted without being too „retro“ the SC-1 stands out due to its sharply patered front, holding high-intensity-discharge headlamps and LED-fog lights, a long engine hood, an upward designed belt line including a dynamicly shaped swing and a flowing rear end mit its extremly horizontally positioned back window.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Big News / Die große Neuigkeit

Hey Guys

As I already mentioned on Facebook there are some really big, big news .... and no, no Veyron Give away ;-)

Today I had a nice speech to the boss of the Auto Fabrik Bodensee in Tettnang and in futre there will be a collaboration between me, The Car Addict, and them ... more I won't tell yet ... but stay tuned .... I'm already SUUUUUUPER excited about it :)

Hallo zusammen

Wie ich bereits auf der Facebook Seite heute mittag erwähne, es gibt große Neuigkeiten! Aber nein, kein Veyron ;-)

Heute hatte ich ein nettes Gespräch mit dem Chef der Auto Fabrik Bodensee in Tettnang und in Zukunft werden sie mir mir, The Car Addict, zusammenarbeiten ... mehr momentan noch nicht ... aber seid gespannt ... ich bin bereits seeeeeeeehr aufgeregt :)

Pic taken from HERE


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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Supercars seized from boy racers in crackdown

matepink Bentley Continental
High-performance cars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds were seized and drivers were fined during a police crackdown on boy racers in Knightsbridge.

Ferraris, Bentleys, Porsches, BMWs and a Bugatti Veyron were pulled over for spot-checks last night. Alleged offences included driving without insurance, or having windows that were too heavily tinted.

Residents say they are kept awake by the noise of cars, mostly owned by young Middle Eastern men, being raced into the early hours, and claim pedestrians are being put at risk.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Automotive Marketing

Hey Guys

The automotive marketers are always on the search for THE new strategy to sell a new Car. If it's a funny Video or, like HERE, the "small is beautiful" campaign from smart.

BUT, how do the customers see all these campaigns?
Now a question to you: What would be the best way to sell YOU a new car?

Would you like to have some "real contact", and talk to a automobile seller at a Fair, or at a dealership?
Or would you prefer some funny commercials on TV, or YouTube/Facebook?
And do you get influenced by (regular based Series like) Top Gear, ...?

Would be nice if you leave your comment about this either below as a Comment (you can also comment as 'anonymous') or on Facebook (just write it on the page, doesn't have to be below any of my posts!)

I'm waiting for your responses :)


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Monday, July 18, 2011

Lindau Klassik Rally

Hey Guys

Already more than two weeks ago in Lindau, at the Lake of Constance, was the start of a classic car Rally. The line up was straight at the harbour and as I went there at 7 am the morning light was very beautiful. A second Post will follow ...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Car of the Week: BMW E30

Hey Guys

This weeks 'Car of the Week' is the E30 BMW 3 series.

The E30 was the successor of the BMW E21 in 1983 and was replaced by the BMW E36 in 1990. BMW continued to produce the cabriolet (convertible) E30 well into 1993. The M3 cabriolet was never officially offered for sale in North America; it was offered only for the European market.
The E30 3-Series was produced in four body styles, a four door saloon, a two door saloon, a five door estate (marketed as the "touring"), and a two door convertible. A Baur cabrio was also available.

The cars were powered by a range of inline 4 cylinder and inline 6 cylinder engines, with both petrol and diesel power. The E30 BMW M3 was fitted with a high-revving 4-cylinder engine which produced 175 kW (238 PS; 235 hp) in its final European-only iteration.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thanks for beeing a fan!

Hey Guys

Again I wanted to thank all of you for beeing a fan of all this, all I do, here with the Google Friend Connect, on Facebook, twitter and also on YouTube!

More than 550 fans on Facebook. Wow, wow, wow!!

(I've recorded this Vid straight after my final maths exam . . . yeah, I was happy I solced it) :)


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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Event: RoadRunners Rally

Hey Guys

Today another "Wednesday Event": the RoadRunners Rally!

On the morning of October 7, 2011 Detroiters and other early morning metropolitan
commuters will be rudely awakened to the escalating sound of revving engines and the
smell of high octane fuel as cars and competitors gather for a “mad-dash for $50,000
cash” in the very first RoadRunners Rally.

800-1,000 drivers in 400 amazing cars, from Aston Martins to Porsches, Ford GT40s to
Dodge Vipers, Chevy Corvettes to Smart cars, even ice cream trucks, SUVs and RVs will
be seen off by a bevy of beautiful RoadRunner girls and a flurry of paparazzi.

Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 Nardo High-Speed Test: The 570-HP G-POWER M3 SK II reaches a top speed of 333.29 km/h (207.10 mph)

The high-speed test of "auto motor and sport" in Nardo in southern Italy is the ultimate challenge for all vehicle manufacturers. High temperatures and the fastest automobile race track in the world that knows only one load condition: full throttle. The 12.3 km-long route is basically a circle with a diameter of 4 km and an elevated roadway that is reminiscent of a steep curve.  In practice, this results in an infinite straight line for miles of continuous full load driving, an operating condition that puts utmost load on the engine. Add uncomfortably high ambient temperatures and it simply doesn’t get any more challenging.

This abusive environment naturally separates automotive wheat from the chaff, because only those tuners who have carefully shepherded their design from development to production will survive the extreme loads in the "auto motor und sport" high-speed test in Nardo with no major engine damage.  In addition, pushing the system to the top-speed limits in the real-world provides merciless feedback on the achieved performance improvements.  Many tuners instead post performance numbers based solely on short-term dynomometer testing which are subject to many variables, and thus opens the door to abuse.  It is certainly difficult to determine whether performance gains will hold up in the real world if such tests are the only ones performed.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Car of the Week: Caterham Super 7

Hey Guys

Today a super-leightweight sports car: the Caterham Super 7 or the car that's "Too Fast to Race...".

It's based on the Lotus Seven but produced by Caterham Cars, in the UK. From the late 1950s to the early 1970s they were sold in kit and pre-built form by Lotus.
After they ended the production in 1972 Caterham bought the rights to the design and the name and still produces kits and fully assembled cars and celebrated the 50th year of production in 2007.

The original design came from Colin Chapman, a former Royal Air Force pilot. After the war he bacame a very successful race driver and in 1952 he founded Lotus Engineering. His vision was a light but powerful car - which debuted at the 1957 Earl's Court Motor Show in London.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spot ot the Day: Lotus Elise S2 Roadster

Hey Guys

While the Klassikwelt Bodensee in Friedichshafen I've also spotted this Lotus Elise S2 Roadster. What a stunning color . . !


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spot of the Day: Porsche GT3 RS

Hey Guys

Last Sunday I worked at a Classic Car Rally and this Porsche GT3 RS finally made my day :)
Don't miss to turn your speakers up while watching the Video in HD!

Good Morning!

Hey Guys

If I had THIS alarm clock, I think I would sleep every day purposely longer, just to hear this sound again and again and again.
Wouldn't you act the same way?

But I think its a nice and funny gadget!


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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Old Car catalogues

Hey Guys

Today I cleaned out some of my old car catalogues . . dust welcomed me. .
As you can see they are not the youngest (2008, 2009) and to be serious, I haven't took a look into them for a long long time!

Am just I such a "messy", or how long do you keep such catalogues and stuff like that?






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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cobra Meeting 2011 - Part 2

Hey Guys

Now another Part of Pictures of the 7th international Cobra Meeting in Langenargen at the Lake of Constance.
Here you can find Part 1.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Automotive things all over


Hey Guys

Now about one and a half weeks ago I've done a one-day-trip to the Italian side of the Lago Maggiore. I've visited the "famous" market in Luino (I won't visit it a second time) and spent some hours walking through every little street there.
Even if I'm a girl I bought NOTHING and instead I snapped all the "automotive things" I've found there. Now, as I'm back home, I wish I'd have bought the Lamborghini Pullover . . .

You may see a quality change in these pictures, but I only had my old compact Camera with me, and not my Sony DSLR. But i think it did a good job also.

„Feels like summer“ but only with the right windscreen cleaner

Hey Guys

The summer now officially arrived (after these long cold time) and of course a clean windscreen is very important for a good drive.

Here are some tips: First of all, the cleaner in the windscreen washer unit, should be a summer windscreen cleaner.

Winterproducts cannot achieve a sufficient cleaning effect against insect dirt. But powerful summer windscreen cleaners dissolve the typical summer dirt within just a few wiper strokes, to ensure cleardriving conditions.
The cleaning formula of a good product will also ensure an optimum tolerance to materials. It will be gentle on plastic components, rubber seals and paintworksurfaces, and must not induce stress cracks or damage to the paintwork. Incidentally, the current windscreen cleaner test in Auto Bild (Issue No. 18– 06.05.2011), which can be read under, reveals large discrepancies in the products tested, especially on this subject.
If the insectremains are stubb ornly stuck on, this can tax there sources of even a good windscreen cleaner. Forthis reason, it pays to operate the windscreen washer unit often while driving, and to manually wash the windscreen thoroughly at journeys end.This is easily done with SONAX Clearglass and an insectsponge. By the way, for lovers of exquisite fragrances the car care specialists also have something to offer, the new SONAX Windscreen washconcentrate 1:100 “for men”, for example, certainly does not smell like a cheap “fir tree”, in fact it has an elegant, rugged, fresh fragrance – totally masculine. The SONAX Windscreen washconcentrate “for women” has a feminine, sensual and warmfragrance. They should ensure real “summer feeling” while driving – happy motoring!

Thanks to sonax for those helpful informations!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Car of the Week: Can Car

Hey Guys


Already a few months ago I've bought this model car at a Fair Trade Shop.
They had some models - from famous Cars like the Beetle (like the one I have) up to motorbikes like Vespa's and more.
I've chosen the Beetle model cause I like blue and the classic Beetle :)

The whole Car is made out of (old) cans. You're still able to read some prints.
My model was produced in Mauritius and the people get well paid for it. And it's great what they produce (have you seen the little steering-wheel? Awesome detail!!)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Automotive Chocolate

Hey Guys

I don't think the most of you will ever seen something like this so todays Post is about these automotive chocolates.
I've bought them while last christmas (yeah, I know, some time already passed by) and since then I couldn't bring myself me to eat them cause I want to keep them. Fortunately chocolate is a food that doesnt get moldy very fast and maybe they will be still alive after this years christmas eve :)


Friday, July 1, 2011

Spot of the Day: Lamborghini Murcielago 40th anniversary

Hey Guys

In 2004, Lamborghini celebrated its 40th anniversary by releasing a limited run of fifty 40th Anniversary Edition Murciélagos. Enhancements over the standard vehicle included a limited-edition Blue body color that was labelled "Jade-Green", carbon-fiber exterior detailing, upgraded wheels, a revamped exhaust system, and a numbered plaque on the inside of the rear window. The interior also featured unique leather trim.

I've seen this one while my visit at the Meilenwerk in Boeblingen/Sindelfingen near Stuttgart.