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Car of the Week: BMW E30

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This weeks 'Car of the Week' is the E30 BMW 3 series.

The E30 was the successor of the BMW E21 in 1983 and was replaced by the BMW E36 in 1990. BMW continued to produce the cabriolet (convertible) E30 well into 1993. The M3 cabriolet was never officially offered for sale in North America; it was offered only for the European market.
The E30 3-Series was produced in four body styles, a four door saloon, a two door saloon, a five door estate (marketed as the "touring"), and a two door convertible. A Baur cabrio was also available.

The cars were powered by a range of inline 4 cylinder and inline 6 cylinder engines, with both petrol and diesel power. The E30 BMW M3 was fitted with a high-revving 4-cylinder engine which produced 175 kW (238 PS; 235 hp) in its final European-only iteration.

In total, seven transmission were available for the various models of the E30: four manuals, and three automatics. Both automatic transmissions were manufactured by ZF.
The E30 was the first 3-Series car to be fitted with an onboard service indicator, consisting of an LED bargraph plus Inspection and Oil Service warning lights. The total production from 1982 to 1994 was 2,339,520 units.

I own this model, a 323i to be exactly, since about ever ?! I don't know a number of years, but I could bet it's more than 15 years old ..

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