Monday, July 4, 2011

„Feels like summer“ but only with the right windscreen cleaner

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The summer now officially arrived (after these long cold time) and of course a clean windscreen is very important for a good drive.

Here are some tips: First of all, the cleaner in the windscreen washer unit, should be a summer windscreen cleaner.

Winterproducts cannot achieve a sufficient cleaning effect against insect dirt. But powerful summer windscreen cleaners dissolve the typical summer dirt within just a few wiper strokes, to ensure cleardriving conditions.
The cleaning formula of a good product will also ensure an optimum tolerance to materials. It will be gentle on plastic components, rubber seals and paintworksurfaces, and must not induce stress cracks or damage to the paintwork. Incidentally, the current windscreen cleaner test in Auto Bild (Issue No. 18– 06.05.2011), which can be read under, reveals large discrepancies in the products tested, especially on this subject.
If the insectremains are stubb ornly stuck on, this can tax there sources of even a good windscreen cleaner. Forthis reason, it pays to operate the windscreen washer unit often while driving, and to manually wash the windscreen thoroughly at journeys end.This is easily done with SONAX Clearglass and an insectsponge. By the way, for lovers of exquisite fragrances the car care specialists also have something to offer, the new SONAX Windscreen washconcentrate 1:100 “for men”, for example, certainly does not smell like a cheap “fir tree”, in fact it has an elegant, rugged, fresh fragrance – totally masculine. The SONAX Windscreen washconcentrate “for women” has a feminine, sensual and warmfragrance. They should ensure real “summer feeling” while driving – happy motoring!

Thanks to sonax for those helpful informations!

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