Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Event: RoadRunners Rally

Hey Guys

Today another "Wednesday Event": the RoadRunners Rally!

On the morning of October 7, 2011 Detroiters and other early morning metropolitan
commuters will be rudely awakened to the escalating sound of revving engines and the
smell of high octane fuel as cars and competitors gather for a “mad-dash for $50,000
cash” in the very first RoadRunners Rally.

800-1,000 drivers in 400 amazing cars, from Aston Martins to Porsches, Ford GT40s to
Dodge Vipers, Chevy Corvettes to Smart cars, even ice cream trucks, SUVs and RVs will
be seen off by a bevy of beautiful RoadRunner girls and a flurry of paparazzi.

Teams will be invited to a pre-rally launch party on October 6, 2011 to receive the
official 2011 Roadrunners Rally sponsorship car decals/graphics, mission packs and
meet their fellow Roadrunners and have the secret rally route revealed. The following
morning they will embark on an incredible 2.200 mile scavenger hunt/poker run spanning
7+ states, hit checkpoints along the way, stop for an adrenaline filled track day at one
of Midwest's largest raceways and cross the finish line back in Detroit, Michigan on
Saturday afternoon, October 8th. After crossing the checkered flag and taking part in an
array of photo shoots, participants will prepare for the infamous "Cannonball" black tie
gala reception featuring a feast fit for a king, open bar, guest speakers, entertainment,
wild surprises and overnight accommodations for all participants. The victorious team
will be announced after the official donation to our selected charity and will take the
grand prize, the trophy and free entry into the next Roadrunners event to defend their
crown, all of which will be caught on film.

The RoadRunners Rally is on track to becoming the largest street legal event ever to
be held in the United States and will bring together every type of car fanatic including
American Muscle Heads, Exotic Supercar lovers and even Japanese Drifters.
This event promises to be unique, original and provide its fair share of surprises for both
the contestants and fans.


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  1. How awesome you blog about cars! I'm more into classic cars myself (and Top Gear :P ), but still like your blog!

    xx Marije


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