Thursday, August 4, 2011

Little Boy driving powerful cars

Hey Guys

Sometimes I get really amazed by things people do - crazy things, things I couldn't do, I would be too affraid of and so on. But sometimes I really get a bit angry of things people do ...

Like here: a 9 year old KID driving an Audi R8. Okay, it's "only" a V8, but nevertheless it has 420 HP. First of all, imagine what could happen! The boy looses the controll, crashes into his own father and injures him. Yeah, okay, he wasn't driving fast in the videos, but who knows what happend "behind the videos" and within a few seconds the R8 accelerates so fast the kid really can't handle it anymore!

The proud father wanted to share his "wonderkid", like he uses to title him in the video descriptions, and maybe he wanted to create 1.000.000 view Videos and earn some money with the knowledge of his kid - and become some kind of "Fame". But I totally dislike his careless behavious and the underestimation of the powerfull ride.

Marcel, I think it's the boys name, isn't only able to drive a supercar, he also drives forklifts, a Q7, a truck, a Hummer, and so on, and so on - cool for him!

Also imagine his pushed ego when he's in school, with friends, and I don't think he has much friends ... I know, all clichees, but weren't we all once childs and know such situations?

You're invited to share your opinions below cause I'd really like to know if I'm the only one who thinks like this?!

And, a last questions: was he sitting inside a child seat, he should do cause of his size and age??

Now enough with my speech, enjoy his "show"!


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