Friday, August 26, 2011

The new Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Hey Guys
Today the new Mercedes-Benz B-CLASS Brochure came by the Postman and I have to say: I kinda like Mercedes' new "Grandpa"-Car.
It looks now much more sporty and elegant and is now more a Car also for smaller Familys, for young people but also for Businesspeople - so it's in the Class of the "Compact sports tourer".

The market launch is in November 2011 and the pre-sales start at September 15th (Frankfurt International Motor Show's first public day)

For me the front looks a bit like the R-Class, the side parts are very sporty designed but also very aerodynamic with a drag coefficient of cd = 0.26 and with the rear you can still recognize the "B-Class-veins" (or the A-Class ones, if you're one of the peoples who can't seperate them).

Every new model will be delivered with a start-stopp system, a Bluetooth connection, a 7-gear-direct-shift gearbox and a few gadgets more. Optional will be steering wheel paddels, THERMOTRONIC, rearsight camera and some more comfort packages.

What will also be available is a "Chrome package", for "individual accents, a "Sport package", an "exclusive package" and a "night package" with bi-xenon headlights, for example.

Now the dimensions:
Height: 1.557 m
Width: 2.010 m (incl. rear mirrors)
Length: 4.359 m
Wheelbase: 2.699 m
Inside from Door to Door: 1.423 m (in the front); 1.446 m (in the back)


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