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Peugeot HX1 Concept Car at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

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At this years "Frankfurt Motor Show" Peugeot presents a very cool and dynamic concept car: the Peugeot HX1.

With the concept car Peugeot HX1 lends his slogan, "Motion and Emotion", a new dimension and proves its ability to reinvent itself with new ideas and constant progress.

The pioneering study is a demanding specifications based: was called for an unconventional vehicle with room for up to six occupants. Strong, athletic, efficient and sophisticated aerodynamic concept car that gives an incomparable driving pleasure.

To meet this requirement, the HX1 brilliantly uses all of the technical possibilities: extremely sophisticated aerodynamics, with "flaps" that fold out depending on speed, streamlined, flat architecture and Van HYbrid4 drive with plug-in technology.

A novel, versatile approach - striving for maximum efficiency


To the HX1 is a visionary concept car, the ideas for sustainable solutions in many areas such as construction design, aerodynamics, modularity, equipment, materials and interior design as well as inspiration, not least motorization. The design proposals resulted in a very radical choices that break with previous conventions and have led ultimately under the theme "metamorphosis" into a vehicle that may at any time to adapt to driving and operating conditions and environment.


Taking into account the requirements of the TX1 is designed to be unusually proportioned Van: thin (1.373 m) wide (total width of 1.990 m), long (4.954 m).

This design also allows a clear, elegant and classy styling with optimum drag coefficient in favor of maximum overall efficiency.

The four diagonally opposite opening gullwing doors facilitate entry into the HX1. These kinematics in virtually every situation an optimal access to the vehicle.

In the design of the interior were the highest well-being of the two occupants in the rear and maximum driving pleasure of the passengers in the front seats in the foreground. If required, the concept car will be redesigned based on a modular concept with two freely movable seats in the middle row in no time. Following the same principle as the concept car HR1 (Paris Motor Show 2010), the additional rear seats are stowed behind the front seats.


The designers have honed particularly on the aerodynamics of the vehicle. During the HX1 in park position or at low speeds has been working as the full, moving parts, optimizing air flow and increase the environmental efficiency of the car. Seven Felgenflaps turbine in optics to fold or form a flat disk. Unfold simultaneously at speeds exceeding 100 km / h, a spoiler and two side panels of the tailgate. During the journey, hence fit into the HX1 thus the current conditions.

The vehicle to achieve a remarkable drag coefficient of 0.28 for a van CW. Thanks to their creative ingenuity the designers were able to incorporate all these aerodynamic refinements in the concept.

An unconventional design

Shaped by the aerodynamic, futuristic appearance

The design embodies the HX1 clarity, beauty, sovereignty, dynamism and exclusivity. The aerodynamic, have an equally classy and elegant flowing lines as shaped by the wind. Subtly emphasize the athletic, muscular body of the vehicle. Each face is precisely thought out every detail handled with utmost care. Examples are the rear view mirror with built-in cameras are backward-looking, brushed aluminum window frames and the fitting, flush gaps.

In designing the front end of accesses HX1 the new design language the lion brand creative. The theme of the unusual plastically acting grille, which seems to detach itself from the rest of the body, merges harmoniously with the streamlined body of the vehicle. The headlights in cat optic link to the proud lion on the hood resplendent as a trademark and a symbol of the history of Peugeot.

This look is emphasized by the day and night high visibility LED signature. The lighting design is also found in the taillights, the arch shape mimics the movement of the tail.

A technology-embossed, high-quality interior fully Motion & Emotion

The clean, futuristic design of the dashboard and seats on the processed high-grade materials (panel and interior trim made of natural oak with integrated light conductors, brushed metal, leather, etc.), equipment (digital displays, touch screens, etc.) and the sophisticated lighting system (LED spotlight , etc. with natural light-flooded glass strips in the roof) to create an atmosphere of modernity, sophistication, elegance and practicality - all values ​​that represent a high-quality interior in the sense of the Lion brand. This interior embodies the signature of Peugeot.

"The emotional side":

The cockpit guarantees the driver maximum driving pleasure. The design with brushed metal and digital elements is very technical and intuitive. Here, too, fits the vehicle on the driver's needs. A parallel to the seat electrically adjustable steering column adjustment that facilitates entry and exit. The steering wheel rim moves in "cruising" mode automatically for the driver back into a comfortable position. The central multifunction screen tilts, so that only the important information is displayed in its field of view.

The cockpit instruments to support the driver at all times and give him information about the condition of his vehicle. On a "head-up instrument cluster" all information will be displayed directly in the field of vision, the view of the fact unnecessary contact of the street must

"The Motion Side":

At the rear design special emphasis was placed on the well-being and comfort of occupants. Environment and used materials with a mixture of leather and pleated contrasting stitching a bright and noble. The backs of both rear seats are angle-adjustable contour and can be regulated from the center armrest. The center console is a minibar and a discreet allusion to the history of a coffee maker Peugeot. Hand-milled, white Carrara marble adorns the center console and underlines the exclusive and yet modern ambience.

Full-HYbrid4 diesel hybrid "plug-in": improved performance

The concept car was equipped with HYbrid4 technology. This innovative engine architecture comes first in the 3008 HYbrid4, the first full-hybrid-diesel in the world, to use and will keep up with the 508 RXH moving into other Peugeot models.

The HYbrid4 principle is simple and yet highly refined: With the simultaneous use of the engine front (driving the front wheels) and the rear electric motor (driving the rear axle), all four wheels driven. This increases safety and traction in extreme situations. At low speeds, in the zero-emission mode (ZEV) are driven only by the electric motor.

Under the bonnet of the HX1 sits a 150 kW (204 hp) strong engine of the type 2.2 l HDi FAP associated with a 6-speed automatic transmission, according to the GT version as the top version of the model currently offered 508th In combination with a 70 kW (95 hp) electric motor, the added total power 220 kW (299 hp).

One of the main strategic focus of Peugeot in the coming years is to expand its leadership position in environmentally efficient engines. The HX1 is for this policy and goes one step further. Thanks to plug-in function, the lithium-ion batteries can easily be recharged via a regular household 220-V outlet. This increases the operational range in ZEV mode, ie in pure electric driving, with up to 30 km! The consumption of HX1 in the EU driving cycle is therefore only 3.2 l/100 km for CO2 emissions of just 83 g / km.

Shoe-concept from Peugeot and Pierre Hardy

On the occasion of the development of the concept car Peugeot HX1 has designed in collaboration with the French luxury shoe designer Pierre Hardy an exclusive ladies' shoes, both of design and modernity as well as unique ability to transform with each other.

In collaboration with the designers of the lion brand Pierre Hardy has created a shoe that reflects the materials, technology and the build quality of the vehicle interior.

Following the example of the concept cars are the shoes fit the needs of the wearer: An ideal and comfortable for riding, flat shoe unfolds when needed to elegant high heels for the perfect look.



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