Sunday, September 18, 2011


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The ё-concept is "russias new symbol" (as they wrote on their billboards at the Frankfurt Motor Show). But what's behind the "yo-auto" pronounced vehicle?

As the first thing, the most people think about when they hear russia, is Vodka, but why not soon also Cars, again?

The environmentally friendly car with a new concept of door opening could be "russians new symbol". A new people's car with its main feautures of a customer friendly price and the mass production.

The ё-mobile uses fuel to run the internal-combustion engine in conjuction withgenerator unit that supplies the electric motors - so it's a hybrid model. This system satisfies modern life requirements, as they write, they will increase performance while decreasing fuel consumption and atmospheric emissions.

Celebrating its premiere at the 64th International Motor Show in Frankfurt they also show their answer form of a new niche in the car industry. The ё-mobile also offers a variety of advantages for all people: economic for the older generation, affordability for the youth and the innovative and enjoment factor for active people.

From the start the "standard" configuration offers a lot of options like a multifunctional steering wheel, a touchscreen control panel, GPS navigation system, Optional rear view camera, access to the Internet, a Hands-free phone system and a lot more.

If you have ideas that can be implemented in the ё-mobile’s design, send them to:

The brands name “ё” (pronounced as [yo]) was choosen cause the letter does not exist in any other alphabet, than the russian one. The price for the ё-mobile will be between 360 and 490 thousand rubles, what would be  about 8,500 to 11,600 €, but costs abroad will differ by the amount of customs duties and taxes.



  1. THanks for your nice comment.You made my day!!! You have a great blog too; I don´t know anything about cars but I do like this and your other posts.Your blog is very original. I´ll start following you in google and in facebook. Will be great if you follow me back dear. Thanks!!!

  2. wow this car is awesome dear thanks for your comment following you hope u follow back kisses

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  4. It has such a cool design! The photos from the side/back are awesome! But still, I don't think this is going to make people think of Russia more than Vodka :))

  5. This is the first good car production in Russia for the last 60 years I guess..


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