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Frankfurt Motor Show: DOK-ING XD

Frankfurt Motor Show: DOK-ING XD

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Have you ever heard about a Car called "XD"? No? So, keep on reading, you won't regret it.

The company, DOK-ING, is a privately owned Croatian company. Originally they produce Unmanned Ground VEhicles (UGV's) for unexploded ordiance removal, firefighting and so on.

The three-seat electric city concept car was announced in 2009 after four years of development. Designed by Igor Jurić, the car includs scissor doors, a McLaren F1-stlye seating postition and 'x' shaped tail lights and was fully designed in nearly three months.

Also from the shape of the rear lights (X) and the beginning letter of the company's name (D) the name XD comes from.

With one single charge the XD can travel up to 250 km and goes from 0-100km in 7.7 seconds. Thats also cause it has a low drag coefficient factor of only 0.35. The car also includes 360 degree airbags, an integrated safety system for electric stability, ABS brakes and power steering.
Currently, the XD costs roughly $40,000 but if mass production starts, the price is estimated to fall to roughly $26,000. The first prototype was completed at the beginning of 2010 and serial production is predicted to start in 2011.
In June 2010, DOK-ING announced that mass production would commence and all XDs would be factory fitted with OZ wheels.

DOK-ING is still on the search to fing some foreign investor(s) to pay for the employment of 200-300 Croatian workers and upgrading of production facilities for mass production.
If they can't fing a European investor they will look for some Chinese investor(s) and the production will then also moved to China. If they don't find a investor there they will built the cars on order. The estimated build-to-order production figures are 50 vehicles per year. The first order was by Mr Todoric Agrokor, who also specified every optional extra.

So, much luck DOK-ING, the XD has potential and maybe we'll soon see them driving around ...

Frankfurt Motor Show: DOK-ING XD



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