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At the Frankfurt Motor Show Fisker unveiled their new four-door plug-in hybrid model, the FISKER SURF, available to buy in 2013.

Fisker Surf

As a good combination of a sport car and station wagon the 2007 in America founded brand has created the "Surf", on the same platform as their first model, the "Karma". Fisker still belives in combining luxury and style factors with a great performance, a huge usabillity and also the economic side has a high worth for the engineers - all this now with enough space for carrying the whole family with you, if you don't want to enjoy the great feeling by driving in the pure electric mode (up to 50 miles) by yourself. Available to order globally in 2013, and open to visit at the Frankfurt Motor Show till September 25th.

All the main facts you already know from the Karma you find also in the Surf as they share almost every parts (the entire powertrain, chassic, the complete interior). In contrast to the predecessor Firsker Karma the Surf increased only 35 kg (77 pounds), and much more space. Both Karmas have a total range of 480 km (300 miles), up to 50 miles in the pure electric drive and up to 250 miles with the Range Extender. In sport mode the Karma's get their 403 horses in 5.9 seconds from 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph).

The Prices, for the Fisker Karma, start at €85.500  $95,900 USD.

Henrik Fisker, CEO/Executive Design Director, Fisker Automotive, sayd “The Surf is a first-of-its-kind eco-friendly lifestyle vehicle that offers space, performance and luxury design for people who live an active, environmentally conscious lifestyle and like to drive beautiful cars”

A new supplier for the four-cylinder turbocharged engines, of the next generations, will be BMW - to find in the 2013 or later models.





  1. very cool model, it looks so modern and sleek!

    All best wishes,
    Costin M. |

  2. bin nicht so der autofan, aber finde die autos alle sehr schöön :D

  3. Many thanks for your comment! Innovation! Bravo!


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