Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey Guys

Yesterday the Frankfurt Motor Show finally closed it doors, after two fascinating weeks for every car enthusiast.

More than 200.000 qm³ of pleasures area, 11 huuuge Halls plus outdoor area. World premieres like the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, the Mercedes SLS Roadster (huh, seems like a topless season is in front of us) but also Ford presented their design future with the EVOS concept, new ecologicaly models like the Fisker Surf and the new smart electric Drive were introduced and an unbelivable amount of other cars (DOKING, ё-concept,...) and brands (Lamborghini, Volkswagen,...) were there.

Thousands of people worked hours and hours, weeks and months for making everything this awesome as it now was. All this work deserves a huge THANK YOU!!
To all the engineers for developing the Cars, thinking about our all future and designing concept cars - thank you!
To all the people organizing the presentations, the marketing guys, the invisible persons behind eachs brand - thank you!
To all the people working at the stands, the hoestesses and everyone else for giving well answeres to all the peoples questions and needs and always giving your best - thank you!
To all the security people for creating a save place - thank you!
Not to forget all the people who cleaned everything while we all slept and during the day times - thank you!
Thanks VDA for making everything possible!!

And there are just soo many people I now missed to mention - thank you, too!!

You all did a GREAT job and I wish you lots of fun organizing everything for the next Frankfurt Motor Show which will be held from September 12th to 22th 2013, same place, same great story. Can't wait for the next edition! :-)

AUDI Q5 hybrid
And also thanks for the press shuttles (among others the AUDI Q5 hybrid above and the Opel Ampera's below) while the press days - what a sweet invention! :)
Opel Ampera



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