Monday, September 12, 2011

Guest Post: Monza and Spa, emotions and feelings

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Today we are accustomed to in Formula 1 tracks anonymous and so similar to each other, that once the Circus circuit returns to the old emotions resurface and soak in a flash of Sundays races.

It 'happened two weeks ago at Spa Francorshamps, it happened again today in Monza.
In Belgium and spoke Brianza tracks: the pilots asked, they answered, in a harmonious dialogue and intense, never dull, always at the edge.
Spectacular tracks where the legend lives on in every corner, where even the youngest riders draw out the grit and the talent that almost anywhere else atrophies.

The thrill and adrenaline of the Eau Rouge Parabolic Formula 1 have shown how this tank needs to go backwards in many respects, and the pilots have largely confirmed this view.

It will be a chance that Vettel, Hamilton, Button, Alonso and Michael Schumacher, not least because they show in these last two tests, inflaming the public with exciting duels and performance to the limit?

No, there is a chance that the true champions they are exalted in the Ascari and Radillon, to name just a few turns mythical.

Two weekends and brush up on your wall when the boredom of modern circuits return to lord it.

And, if I may ask, is not even a chance that two drivers in particular have given their best in Spa and Monza, Sebastian Vettel and Schumacher, the same flag and same hunger for victories.

Exciting to see the Kaiser, and replace the last fight to fifth place in Belgium, creepy to see Sebastian in the temple of the perfect race to lead F1.

It gives new impetus to the duel between Hamilton and Schumacher at Monza, spent half the race stuck in a position to contend, closing trajectories, severing the last, running alone on a racetrack in the meantime is enjoying, as it happens, the cavalcade of Vettel.

Makes your heart beat to know that Michael is still the champion that nobody has forgotten how to feel playing on the podium at Monza, the German national anthem for a boy who is moved by his victory and a piece dedicated to Italy.

Emotions will be amplified by a circuit that 10 years earlier had seen him cry himself Schumacher, and 5 years ago to embrace the Kaiser's successor Kimi (and another great, Kubica), but today, perhaps more than other times, it is perceived as Michael and Sebastian have in common, beyond the German colors.

So let's enjoy the poetry of these two champions, past and present, because this story has every appearance of becoming a beautiful remake.

Original Post by Ilaria from goodmorningpitlane

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