Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Help to Report AUTOPIXX.de

Hey Guys

I really really need your help! 

Since about 3 years I'm now a so called "Carspotter" and its really fun. But sometimes the fun ends when you see things like this: someone has stolen your pictures, putted an another Copyright above yours and he gets all the good comments for the well picture and the cool Car.

At the Fake-Carspotting site autopixx.de you find thousands of these STOLEN PICTURES and it's like no one does anything against it, cause no one yet said anything or neither did anything ... so, let's change that!

Please help to report this Site (I call it a Fake-Carspotting site because EVERY single pic up on this Site is stolen. Even if you might think a few could be "real", but every user there has stolen pictures and if they've stolen once they do it again...)!!

You can help to report it by sending the Admins an E-Mail to support@adfire.de and attach Links of stolen Pics and write they should delete the stolen ones.

Anyways you can take every link when you go to autopixx.de.

So, please help to make them clear that they are doing it wrong!! Would not only mean a lot to me, it is dedicaded for everyone!

You're also a photographer and you once published a picture anywhere? So anyone also could have downloaded your pictures and reuploaded anywhere else ... It's not too much what I'm asking for, but it's for a change of everyones mind. They think everything on the Internet is Free and they could take and customize every picture ... but you, and only YOU, have the rights of your own pics!!

If you know any similar websites or similar cases, please write me or leave a comment below!

I hope I can publish soon an another Post about what happened so far ...

They also seem to be racists ... Check out their Top 10 Flop Pictures ...

... but it shows just the way they are!

And again, please write to support@adfire.de and attach Links of stolen Pics and write they should delete the stolen ones.

And also help to report their Facebook page. Just click THIS LINK, then their Facebook Page opens, then on the left side below you find the Button to report the Page and then select "spam or scam" - would be a first step to make them clear that theiy're doing a looottt wrong!



  1. You really inspire!
    Nice post :)
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  2. Great post! Hopefully you can get them to stop! That's wrong.


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  3. nice blog! pass to my blog and follow :)

  4. You have a really cool blog! I'm sad to hear about the stolen photos, nobody would want that.. Hopefully someone will be able to stop them!



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