Tuesday, September 20, 2011

most expensive GOLD TATA NANO

golden Tata Nano
golden Tata Nano

Hey Guys

Sometimes the "Tuning parts" of a car/vehicle worh more than the car itself. Okay, we know this scenario already. But what if the addings cost about 2,130 times more than the car?

This happend last Monday at the unveiling of a new Tata Nano (Yep, the worlds cheapest car) in Mumbai. This model is made out of 80 kg 22 carat solid gold , 15kg silver and 10,000 precious stones, like diamonds and rubies, and other expensive gemstones - it worths unbelivable Rs 22 crore. ($4.68 million) !!

This Goldplus Tata Nano celebrates the 5,000 year anniversary of the jewellery making industry in India. And, of course it is not the world's first ever gold jewellery car, and propably the only with this worth.

"As many as 14 techniques of jewellery making have gone behind the effort -- from the intricate filigree work to the delicate and colourful meenakari work, the stunning kundan to the traditional naqashi...marking the convergence of diverse and culturally distinct jewellery making techniques from around India," TATA says.

This worthy customized car will now travel to every of the 29 locations of the Goldplus Showrooms, in India only. So book your flight, if you want to see the Car in real ;-)

Now a nice Video I found on YouTube:

- What do you think of this now worlds most expensive cheapest car?


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