Friday, September 9, 2011

Spot of the Day: Bugatti EB110 at the Autobau Romanshorn

Hey Guys

Last Sunday I've went to Switzerland and visited a very, very cool auto museum - the "autobau" in Romanshorn, at the Lake of Constance. The autobau opened in April 2009 and every first months Sunday there is the "Open Day" where everyone can come and visit it - on the other days it's only open for announced groups.

Since April 2009 I've ever wanted to visit it, since the beginning of this year I wanted every first months Sunday but everytime I had other things to do - But not last Sunday. So I jumped on the Fair and travelled relaxed the 13km over to the swiss border.

The autobau is located in the old part of the trainstation inside the storage sheds. There are 4 big halls and everytime I entered a new one I was just like "Whoooooh" cause of everything what stood there around.

In other posts I'll talk a bit more about the "autobau" and also write more detailled about eachs room and theme, so now todays "Spot of the Day", the Bugatti EB110.

If you haven't knew yet why this modell is called how it is called: it was unveiled exactly 110 years after Ettore Bugattis birthday.

I've also took a Video, you see it below the pictures. It was the first Video I've now done with another editing programm and I still have to discover all its functions - but enjoy it, and the Pictures!

more about the autobau Romanshorn


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