Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Visiting the 2011 - "remix your reality"

Hey Guys at the Frankfurt Motor Show IAA 2011

Maybe you already know one or two Videos of the and like them as much as I do. But if you never heard about it, or just heard about it and doesn't know what it is, keep on reading!

smart. studio. @ IAA 2011 - Best Of

The started more than one year ago in Rome for their first "Show". But before I dip further into the story, what is the about?

The is the worlds' smallest TV studio, and maybe also the craziest and most funniest. It brings you Fashion, speed datings, music and an Urban View, of each city. Not only dedicated for younger people, also "older" people paritcipate and have fun watching the Videos.

The Videos are made with 5 customized Sony Cameras, 2 microphones in the a-pillar. Everything storaged on 5 NanoFlash recording located in the trunk of the tiny smart. A sixth Camera can be added also. For example at the Fender, the roof, ... for outside Videos.

Every of the recent Videos , and of course also the upcoming ones, are hosted by the British Presenter Pete Nottage. They were alreday in hotspots like Rome, Berlin, Paris, London and Barcelona as well as Lisbon, Amsterdam, Riccione and Toronto. Then they came to Frankfurt for the Motor Show. And I think the next stop will be in a nice city in the north of Switzerland. ;-) These new Videos will be online right before Christmas. Till then you can enjoy more ones of Toronto and Frankfurt.

If you're living in this nice swiss City, keep your eyes open and if you may spot the and the Team, greet them from me!! :)

The also helps the young participating people to present their Fashion, Music,... a complete new croud. And who knows, maybe the next David Guetta or Karl Lagerfeld already sat inside the smartest TV studio in the world?! Also the Speed-Datings help young metropolitans to, hopefully, find the love of their lives.

So, summarized the is THE perfect place to present the Lifestyle of an metropolitan city, bringing people together, inspire them for new things and get them interested in these. The smart is on top the best choice ever cause its such a small car from the outside and has so much space inside - that's the right way for urban mobility in the future!

In March the also won an award of the Creative Club Austria (CCA) in the Categorie "Digital Media International". A well deserved award, no way! 

Now some own photos of this huge TV studio, a few of my favorite Videos you find below. at the Frankfurt Motor Show IAA 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show IAA 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show IAA 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show IAA 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show IAA 2011

Here some of my own favourite Videos - but also check out the official smart YouTube Channel and you will find some more to-like-Videos ;-)

The "smart times" smart international meeting in Riccione, Italy

The "Urban View" in Frankfurt with Fashionblogger Andy

smart. studio. Toronto - Ice Hockey

Their first Video, the Rome Preview

Aaaand, last but not least, my own smart. studio. Greetings from the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

Sorry, but as embedding is not possible with this Video, check it out by clicking the picture below



  1. Yes, I know about Smart studio! Love the video of Andy Stylesscrapbook!


  2. Amazing car! Sound system and sub woofers are so cool.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!


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