Saturday, October 29, 2011

Automotive Food: CARS Cookies

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Hey People

After a long day at work, just strolling through the local drug store my eyes caught this little beauty - this CARS box. Then I looked closer and saw that this is a Cookie Box. My mind just screamed "COOOOOKKKIIES!" and it landed in my basket :)

There were two different box designs available, maybe I buy the second one too (When they are still available when I find some time to go there again). Hopefully!!

The Cookies itself taste a bit "healthy", if you understand what I mean. They're not as good as butter cookies or every other imaginable cookie, but you can eat them. As there are only 80 g inside you can finish them very soon.

BUT I think I'll bake this year again some homemade Automotive Cookies. Last year they weren't that much good so maybe this time I will use a recipe :)



  1. Hi :) thank's for the comment on my blog
    Those pictures look so yummy!
    I like the shape, so cute

    Do you love baking?


  2. Thank you very much for your comment! Very tasty! Super!


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