Monday, October 31, 2011

Haldenhof Revival: Mercedes E 190 EVO

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Hey Guys

At the Haldenhof Revival in Ludwigshafen I've spotted two of one of my favorite Cars of all time - the Mercedes-Benz E 190 Evo.
Of the two Models, the Evo I and the Evo II were only 1.000 units produced, so thats a pretty rare sight, and then two at one event :-) From the II-series there were 500 units in blue/black metallic, number 501 and 502 were in astral silver.

At the Geneva Motor Show in 1989 the Evo I was shown, one year later the 1990.
The most of them are now in private collections, sleeping while their market price is growing, in case of me -unfortunately!!


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