Thursday, November 24, 2011

Automotive Fashion: Audi Collections A1 Softshell Jacket

Hey Guys
What a bargain I did on eBay a few weeks ago: a (almost) brand new Audi A1 Soft Shell Jacket. I got it for only about 20 % of the real shop-price, so that helps me to get over that I can at least not wear this one until March, April or later in 2012.

But weren't there anyone before who said that art doesn't have to be worn and looks also pretty cool in your closet? So that's what I have to trust on till spring ...

A bit to the Jacket itself ... its a lightweight and functional material that protects you even in rain (water column of 10,000 mm, breathable to 6,000 g / m² / 24 h)... whatever these dates mean...

I can't give you now a clear result of how I liked to wear this Audi Jacket, cause I've only worn it once until now but all I can say that it really keeps you warm. If its really so good as a protection in rain cant be commented as there weren't rain for weeks where I live :)
But if there should happen something really really bad and I will get wet or so while wearing this White / Scuba Blue / Teak Brown article with the shop-number: 3131000202 you will get informed about it!!

(If you're interested, with the same design there is also a Sweat jacket available!)

BUT, am I the only one buying all these "brands clothes" and really wearing them in daily life, or do you own and war these items by yourself, too? And do you have to wear them (cause of your Job, Club,...) etc or do you choose them by your own wish? I'm waiting for your answers (and please, pleeeease say that I'm not the only one)!

Have a nice day!

For those who don't know: that's the Car, an Audi A1. Car by



  1. Hi there,

    great blog and nice pictures!

    check out mine if u havent yet :)

  2. I'm quite sad that I didn't steal my ex boyfriends Subaru jacket (this one: when I moved out, haha. THAT I would wear everyday, it's so cool!! So you're not alone with this :)

  3. cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  4. Nice jacket!!
    Love you blog!!!
    So interesting!!!


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