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Event: Car Fetish. I drive, therefore I am - Museum Tinguely Basel

Hey Guys

Yesterday there was a talk with the title "Car Fetish" ("Fetisch Auto") at the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Even just cause of the title I couldnt miss this event!!!

It started at 7 pm but already since 5 pm there was space for car addicts, like me, they were showing the original film "Herbie rides again" ("Herbie groß in Fahrt") by Robert Stevenson from 1974.

Roland Wetzel, Director of the museum Tinguely in Basel, Switzerland, presented us the exhibitition that took place in his museum from June to October this year. There just couldn't be a better name than "Car Fetish. I drive, therefore I am." (" Fetisch Auto. Ich fahre, also bin ich") for it, definitely!!!

Everything started with some words and photos of Mister Tinguely himself, a complete petrolhead.
He loved to drive fast, but also with a lot of crashs. So maybe this all was part of the art he later created for exhibititions? For example he had a Lotus Racecar in his Bedroom, former driven by Jim Clark. Or in his bathroom there were photos from the bottom to the top - but no Pin Up Girls or so, motorsports cars, racing cars, all over.

the Lotus by Jim Clark

Aren't these both things already fact enough that probably EVERY petrolhead/car addict/car fetishist here on this planet wishes to have something similar?! But in reality we're all just too lame to realize our dreams? "Living your dream" means more than one sentence. Jean Tinguely really lived it.

One of the most impressive stations at the "Car Fetish" exhibition was (I cant name just one best thing) a installation called something I cant remember at the moment, but there crashed 2 Muscle Cars into each other. But within the time of 3 complete months. We saw a time lapse of it and it was so impressive! To see everything about a trillion times better than in every Car Movie ever.

As I havent took notes while the speech I will just name you the attractions that impressed but also inspired me the most.
In the middle of everything there was a Volkswagen Käfer (the classic Beetle), hanging from the top of the room, seperated in the most significant pieces like the hub cabs etc. I wish I could have a similar installation at home. . .
At the entrance there was a Volvo, if I remember it right, that let belive you youre dtunk. . . Or the artist just built up the car a bit awry.

What I especially LOVED was a little Hummer H2. But thats not a normal hummer. Its a coffin, from Ghana, where you can find your final sleep. I will built my own coffin. As damn it seems but can you imagine something better than all the people at your funeral get remembered about what you loved the most all your life. But the society we live in first has to change a bit, but theeeennnn :)

What I also liked were photos of a swiss woman, shes a car mechanic. She customized a Trabant (also known as Trabbi) and created a Muscle Car out of it. Then she took pictures of herself with her "Baby", they have an erotic touch, but definitely not bitchy. Total classy pictures of a car and a woman, wow!

Unfortunately I cant remember all the artists namrs, but please be patient with me!

A swiss police photographer also created some real masterpieces while his daily work. He has such a great sense for creating unbelivably stunning pictures of crashed cars. Cars crashed togeter on the motorway, a Car around a tree or also one looks almost like a human face with expressions. His great sense for art let you immediately forget that there probsbly died people inside.

For me an up till know unknown picture was the one of "Little Bastard", the most known Porsche 356 on earth, owned by actor James Dean.

But there werent only the positive sides of automotive art, a artist had to travel till he finally landed in Vietnam (??), so he was able to burn down an old Mercedes-Benz. You're asking yourself what kind of art that might be? Its about the process itself, what starts immediately to burn, then the bubbles around the &Lack&, the tires get fluid and all this saved in impressive images.

Or a room filled with about 400 old tires. Smashed against the walls while puttng them in with so many diffetent left prints.

All this and much more was part of the exhibition that took place in Basel, Switzetland, from June to October 2011. If youre also one of the people that wish they would have visited it, until January 8th theres the exhibition "Crash" at the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany, at the Lake of Constance. I will soon talk to you about it, too.

Till then I hope youre not too overwhelmed by the unshort text I wrote this time, and so I hope you're also enjoying your weekend pretty well! :)

More Informations about the Museum HERE

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