Saturday, November 26, 2011

Question: Would you survive 30 days without driving any Car??

Hey Guys

When you're used to something every day, again and again, and it's just a great habit of yourself (and millions and millions of others on this planet) - driving a Car.
You take your Car when you drive to work, you take it when you go shopping, visit friends, go on holidays or just cause its fun and kind of freedom.

But when you have to stop this habit, from one to another day its getting hard. The dozens of buses you used to overtake cause they are driving so slowly, they just switch back into reality in your brain. Right, there are also Trains and Metro's.

And they do not drive when you want, if you're too late, its your problem, they do not wait for you. Not in the mornings when you mistakable slept to long or in the evening when you're just tired they do not come immediately.

Oh damn, that all sounds like an huge experience but also a challenge - and that's what I will do now: 30 days without driving any Car. (Or at least my own Car, maybe I will find any Car-sharing opportunity or so on). But we will see, and I'm kinda scared .. But as I'm moving not to the smallest City on Earth, with a great public transportation service I hope I'll survive. But that will be the "Urban Live" every Car Producing Company is not talking about . . . have they survived ever "30 days without a Car", only with public transportation ? . . we will probably never know . . .

Oh, I almost forgot, I'm a human and I'm able to walk . . will try this soon, too! :)


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