Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Event: Constance meets Cape Town

Hey Guys

It's time for another Wednesday Event! Today I'll present you a very special classic car event. The largest city at the Lake of Constance, Constance, will meet Cape Town in South Africa. You're thinking "How is this possible?" Keep on reading!

Ever attended a classic car rally on another continent? Here's your chance!

9 days full of awesome cars and pretty landscapes. There are Great classic rental cars for your own driving experience. Every day you're able to drive an another Car! Organized by Classic Wheels in Cape Town.

On your way through the south Africa, while the 4 days on the road, you visit nice places, a classic car museum and a vine-growing area. And all the time you stay just in the best Hotels!

And lots of more nice things!!

For more information, check out the prospect (just click the picture on top)


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