Monday, December 26, 2011

Car of the Week: Ferrari 599 GTO

Hey Guys

For the last "Car of the Week" this Year I've choosen an Italian Beauty, the Ferrari 599 GTO, I bet you like it! ;-)
Once the 599 GTO was built to be Ferraris fastest road Car, in 2010. It's based on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (internal name F141), which is the Predecessor of the Ferrari 575M Maranello and in Production since 2006. Also the Tipo F140C 6.0 L (5999 cc) V12 engine is with its 620 PS / 612 HP

The name "599 GTB Fiorano" comces from its total engine displacement of 5999 cc, Gran Turismo Berlinetta nature, and the Fiorano Circuit, Ferraris test track.

In 2010 Ferrari finally announced the 599 GTO, the street-legal version of the 599XX, which is able to run the Fiorano test circuit with its 670 PS / 661 bhp one second faster than the Ferrari Enzo. Referring to Ferrari the 599 GTO reaches 100 km/h / 62 hp in less than 3.35 s and has a maximum speed of 335 km/h / 208 hp. The production is limited to 599 cars.

For sure there were also another editions of the 599 available, like the HGTE Package wich gives an handling upgrade, the modified exhaust produces a better sound and also the ride height gets lowered for a more sporty driving. This package also includes new 20-inch wheels and some more carbon firbe components.

The SA Aperta is the Convertible version of the 599 GTO, only 80 units were assembled.

The 599XX is the not-street-legal-only-for-the-track-version with an 720 hp engine, weight reduced body with carbon-fibre parts and a modified Aerodynamic for more downforce. The 599XX did the Nordschleife circuit at the N├╝rburgring in a time of 6 minutes and 58.16 seconds which means to be the second fastes time there, after the Nissan GT-R.

In the Future there will be also a 599XX wih an "evolution package" and a 599 GTB HGTW 60F1 in hommage of Ferraris 60 successful years in the F1.


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