Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Check out: ArabianDrift.com

Hey Guys
Today I'd like to introduce you a cool new Website for Car Enthusiasts: arabiandrift.com

Arabian Drift was founded in May 2011 by Khalid Arif who has been a car fanatic his whole life. When he moved to Qatar in January 2011 he realised that he was among fellow enthusiasts and decided to build a web site to cater to his own and the regions needs in terms of a desire to know more about cool cars and to see them in action - Arabian Drift was born!

The name is based on the fact that Arabians are very enthusiastic about drifting both legal and not. Since launching the site he has promoted it tirelessly in Qatar and UAE attending the Abu Dhabi GP and the Dubai Int Motor Show as well as many events within Qatar, mainly based around Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation and their circuit at Lusail and also Qatar Racing Club which is a drag race team and strip.

As a result of these efforts the name of Arabian Drift is becoming well known in the region and because of his skills online there is a following in much of the rest of the English speaking world. Many of our hits come from the US and Australia, as both countries have large car buff communities.

AD has always been a free service to spread the joy of cars but is now taking off as a brand and in the future we look forward to holding a range of car related events throughout the Middle East and beyond.


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