Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Presents: CAR BOOKS

Hey Guys
How was your Christmas Eve? Have received some nice presents? Here now some of my new Car Books 
Thanks to everyone for them!!!! :)

* E AUTOS - So fahren wir in die Zukunft (engl: How we drive into the future)
A Guide about E- and Hybrid-Cars, the technology and a buyers advice. And whats currently on the market available. Hopefully a nice reading!

* Fahrtenbuch, Roman eines Autos (engl: Logbook, novel of a Car)
The Book, written by Niklas Maak, tells the Story of an Mercedes 350 SL, built in November 1971. By studying the Cars registration certificate and visiting the 10 previous owners the author tells the Story of the Car and its owners. Sounds like a gorgeous book!

* 50 YEARS Renault 4 - Thanks Renault Germany!! :-)
Reviewing the past 50 years in the History of the Renault 4. For those who don't have this Book, there is also a Renault 4 iPad App available which is really worth to be free downloaded!

* Geneva Travel Guide
he Motor Show is just a few monts away. Aaww, cant wait :-)

* Notebook by Mercedes-Benz Munich - Thanks!! ;-)

* Intersection Cars Now - a guide to the most notable cars today
bought at the BMW Museum Shop; what amazon says "...The book's scope is global, examining Indian company Tata's affordable Nano, supercars developed in Morocco, home-grown people's cars in Iran, Saab's reinvention at the hands of Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg, Hummer's new Chinese future, and the demise of legendary brands like Pontiac. Can Jaguar roar back under new ownership? Will Rolls-Royce overtake Bentley with its new entry-level model? How is Europe reacting to newly-introduced Infiniti and Cadillac models? What is Fiat planning at Chrysler? ... Whether you're looking for an off-road workhorse or a limousine, an electric urban runabout or an exotic supercar, if it's on the road and worth a spin it's in this book."


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