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Test Drive Review: Volkswagen up! - myuptownmunich

Hey Guys

Vw up! Innenraum Interior

"up! - it's perfect for every kind of human. A Car that's so diverse as everyone of us."

As its an all know fact, the most things that happen by chance are the best, also what I did on Monday this week: I was just walking and discovering new places when I passed the booth VW had at the 8seasons in the Sonnenstraße in Munich. They were offering 30 minute-drives for everyone who was interested in.
All around Munich the "Myup!townMunich" event is happening till December 8th. A Roadshow all through Germany is also planned. About Promotions in other Countries I have no Information yet.

(Just click the pictures to enlarge them!)

But now I will finally answer the Questions you asked through my FB Page.

Q: Performance....Handling n Mileage
A: The performance and handling were quite "okay" so say it that way. As I'm driving a Golf Mk3 with the 75 HP1,8l engine by myself I have a comparison with the same powered engine and I really think that my "Goldie Oldie" accelerates better and faster than the up!. Sure, the Golf needs more petrol instead of the up!, but the handling of the up! is definitely better and more direct than I'm used it from my old one.

Q: When will be there a brother namend "down"?
A: Haha, good Questions! But I think such a "negative name" will be never given any VW Car ...

Q: I thing vw said. In 2012 up will launched in indian mkt.
A: Yes, the launch in India will be in 2012, but I don't know any better release date yet, sorry but Volkswagen wasn't answering my dozens of Mails ...

Q: How to open the passenger window as the driver?
A: Yes, there is no Button on the drivers side of the Car, but as the Car isn't so big its possible to open the window by using the button on the passenger side of the up! (Just lean over)

Q: Does a normal water box fits in the trunk?
A: Yes, it does! But as the boxes have several sizes I can't say it for every kind of water but in general - YES! Up to 4 or more.

Q: What's special about the car - besides from being small & (relatively) cheap?
A: What a good question! I think its the full package that makes the up! so special. It's bigger inside than you think it is from the outside, its a perfect Car for young people, for people living in big cities, for parents with up to two kids but also for older people cause its small and you find a suitable parking lot easier than with bigger Cars. Yeah, I think thats the special thing about the up! - it's perfect for every kind of human. A Car that's so diverse as everyone of us.

Q: How is the build quality?
A: To be honest I was pretty surprised about the build quality. As my test drive was only 30 minutes short I had, of course, just plenty time for everything necessary and get a first feeling but my eyes and hands really liked what they saw and felt. So for the under 10,000 € you get a super Car with all you need. Sure you could wish for more, but everything you really need you will find inside and outside the up!

Q: If I ordered a fully loaded model...would I get a life sized Lisa Doll???
A: No, sorry. As I'm not collaborating with Volkswagen that's not possible ;P

Q: Spec of da car
A: Important aspects in alphabetical order

Drive: Front wheel drive

Assistance and driving dynamics systems: electronic stabilization program ESP, anti-lock brakes, city emergency braking, parking pilot (back)

Automatic Transmission: Automatic 5-speed manual gearbox

Equipment lines: Take up, move up, high up; exclusive models up! black, up! white

BlueMotion Technology: e.g. with start-stop system, Regenerative braking and low rolling resistance tires

Character: Clever city specialist for 4 persons

Drag coefficient: 0.32; Cd x A: 0.67

CO2 range: 79 g / km to 108 g / km

Design: Walter de Silva (Group), Klaus Bischoff (Brand)

Dimensions: 3,540 mm length, 1641 mm width excluding exterior mirrors, 1.910 mm width including exterior mirrors, height 1478 mm, 2420 mm wheelbase, 585 mm front overhang, rear overhang 535 mm
Suspension: Front - McPherson strut axle with wheels hung and wishbones. Rear - Torsion beam. Optional sport chassis (vehicle 15 mm deep)

Colors: 4 Uni-colors ("white", "pure white", "light blue", "red"); dark three metallic finishes ("light silver", "silver "," dark blue "), 1 pearl effect paint (" black pearl ")

Wheels: 14-inch steel wheels with full wheel covers with 165er tire, 15-inch alloy wheels design "spoke" or "waffle" with 185er tire, 16-inch alloy wheels design "classic" or "triangle" with 185er tire

Financing: Flexible designable AutoCredit2, optionally including vehicle insurance, maintenance and inspection costs via up grade package!

Take up weight, 44 kW / 60 HP: 929 kg (EU unladen weight)

Individualization: single features "packs" and "up boxes!"

Infotainment: RCD 215, plus sound, Portable Infotainment Device / maps + more with 5-inch touchscreen

Interior Trim: "anthracite" (for take up, move up, high up!) "Beige" (to move up, high up!)

Europe launch: December 2011 - other Continents ?!

Engines - gasoline: 44 kW / 60 PS, 55 kW / 75 hp

Engines - gas: 50 kW / 68 hp

Price take up, 44 kW / 60 hp, Germany: 9850 €

Production location: work Bratislava (Slovakia)

Standard transmission: 5-speed manual transmission

1.0 MPI tank: 35 liters of gasoline; theoretical range depending on the engine up to 833 km

1.0 EcoFuel tank: 72 liters / 11 gallons of gasoline + 10 kg of CNG; theoretical range of more than 550 km

Torsion: 19,800 Nm / ° (best in class)

Consumption range: 4.2 l/100 km to 4.7 l/100 km (unleaded), 2.9 kg/100 km (CNG)

Insurance: FairPay from 9.90 € per month plus AutoCredit2 on the up grade package, optionally including maintenance and inspection costs!

Maintenance and Inspections: Either via up grade package for only € 11.90 a month!

So that was it for now. If you still have any question(s), use the FB Comment box below and ask everything about the up! you want to know!

I think soon I will upload an another Video and add some Talking about the Car to it (When I did the test drive I was still a bit ill and my voice just too scratchy ...)



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