Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Visiting the OLD MERCEDES-BENZ MUSEUM in 2005

Hey Guys
Some maybe dont even know it, but there was already a museum, before the actual Mercedes-Benz museum was built.

It was in 2005, in August to be correct, when I visited as one of the last ever the old Merc museum, while the new one just got built, and was located inside the factory. There were free shuttle busses bringing you inside (and of course you werent able to leave for a walk into the production halls..)

As its more than 6 years ago now I cant tell you so much about it anymore, but I just let the pictures speak for themselves!
The only "great thing" I can remember that at the exit there were free historical Mercedes-Benz/Maybach posters. One of them is still hanging in my room :-)

Since then I visited the new museum for three times but its still nice to remember the old one and the fact that I was able to visit it is almost unpayable!
Thanks to my parents who did this trip with me.

Sorry for the "quality change" of the pictures here, but these were taken with one of the first Canon IXUS and you, of course, cant compare this Camera with todays ones.

Hope you enjoy these Impressions, soon more reportages of automotive museums will follow!


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  1. I love car museums. We have some great ones around this area that I enjoy visiting.
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