Monday, December 19, 2011

What happend in JANUARY on The Car Addict ?

Hey Guys

Up from today every day I'll just review what happened during this year here on The Car Addict .... the first year since this Blog is existing.
Let's start with January!

January, what a nice month and the New Year's Eve hast now just another better meaning - The Car Addict's Birthday was on the first January in 2011. Here's my first Post Hello and welcome!- haha, I havent wrote much at this time :)

What happened then? Sure, everything was just new, had to be developed and just grow. Like the "Car of the Week"-Series I now have since January 9th. The first Car was the legendary DeLorean DMC-12. And I already started at this time my "model car addiction" :-)

I also introduced you Clärenore Stinnes - kind of my Idol. She was the first human ever who drove a Car once around the whole Continent. She, her Photographer Carl-Alex Söderström and a Mechanic needed 2 years and one month with their two Adler Standard 6.

Also the first Spot of the Day appeared - a red Lamborghini Diablo VT.

For sure I've also attended a Fair in January - the Motorradwelt Bodensee 2011
But whoo, when I compare my pictures there and the ones now, there was a huuuge change, fortunately!!

There were also some Carspotting and Impressions: Monaco, Menton, Genoa, Portofino from my Trip in September 2010.

These were some of my / The Car Addict's January 2011 Highlights. Till then ... see you tomorrow for another month-Review and a nice Website-Presentation ;-)

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