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Some short Preview

Hey Guys

Here's some short preview while editing the first photos (of about 500) of last weekends event, the Seegefroerne all around the Lake of Constance (Germany, Switzerland and Austria).
With tomorrows photos I'll write a bit more about the event and so on.

Have a nice day!


Preview: Seegefrörne-Rally 2011

Hey Guys

Here's one Preview Picture of todays Seegefrörne in Meckenbeuren near Friedrichshafen, Germany.
I hope I can post soon some of my more than 500 pictures. Maybe tomorrow, but its not sure if I go to the Award ceremonie or not. If I dont go, I have time to edit the pictures. And If I go I take again tons of pictures and you'll have to wait longer for them. But in any case: definitely next week you'll see them! :)

I just edited two different pictures of the Austin Healey Sprite Mk1. I've also edited them in a bit different way - which one do you like more? The one on the top or the one under this?


DTM-Champ Timo Scheider drifting

Hey Guys

Last July there was the 'Race-4-kids' event in Friedrichshafen, Germany and Timo Scheider, DTM Champion in 2009 with his Abt Sportsline A4 was also organizing this event. And of course he presentet whats in his car ;-)

Just for notice: He nearly killed me because I stood toooo close to him, while drifting, to take photos - but the lolipop man saved me :)

Enjoy the photos, hope you like the few ones! (They're all 'out of cam' and I've just putted my Copyright on it)


Some not so usual Police cars

Hey Guys
I just found some nice versions of police cars. Would you like to be pursued up by one of them?

At the moment Opel thinks about using THIS version of the Ampera for emission free and nearly silent drives and observations in bigger cities in Germany.

Based on the Ford Taurus the "Inceptor" could be the follower of the "Crown Vics" in the US.
The "Tune it safe!" BMW to show you how to tune and customize your Car right. First introduced at the Essen Motor Show 2009.
In 2006 they also customized a CLS "Tune it! Safe!"

The prototype of the X3, with lots of LED'S as light signals.

The Carbonmotors E7 as a competitor to the Ford Taurus "Inceptor" with suicide doors.

Pretty well known, the Italian Lamborghini Gallardo.


Car of the Week: McLaren Mercedes SLR

Hey Guys

Because it's my Birthday (yai, finally 18!) today I've chosen my favourite car for todays post: the McLaren Mercedes SLR :)

First some shots with 2 of my 4 SLR models (damn, where are the other ones :/) and later I gonna add some self-taken shots of SLR's.
Hope you like them! :)

Now something about the SLR
The SLR is a jointly production by Mercedes-Benz and McLaren Automotive. Up from 2003 they biult during their 7 years production time about 500 cars a year in Porthsmouth and in Woking, Surrey, England (McLarens Homebase). The base price was GB£295,337 (approx. US$450,000, €351,269, CHF 500,000 or C$ 499,999c. (2009) and made it (in 2008) to the ninth most expensive street legal car.
The letters SLR stand for Sport, Liht, Racing (or, in originally german meaning "Sport, Leicht, Rennsport").
From 0-100 kmh / 62 mph you need 3.2 seconds, from 0-200 kmh / 124 mph 9.6 seconds and from 0-300 kmh / 190 mph 24.8 seconds. With it's 626 HP you can reach a …

Favourite Carspotting Sites -

Hey Guys

Today I want to introduce you one of my favourite Carspotting-Sites:!

Now some of the nicest shots you can find there. :)
By clicking on the despripton you'll find the Page where you can also comment and rate the pics

Wednesday Event No. IV "Seegefrörne"

Hello People

For not German-speaking people the name of this event maybe sounds a bit crazy or weird, but that doesnt matter! ;-)
The Seegefrörne is a Rally around the Lake of Constance, from the 25th - 27th February 2011. The inolved Countries are Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Statistics say the whole Lake of Constance freezes completely about every 70 years. Even Cars are able to drive on the ice, if its frozen in propably some decades again . .
And because of that historical event some organized this event. Oldimters around the Lake, while Winter!
In your heads are rumoring Sentences like "What? Oldtimers driven in winter?" or "Poor historical cars"? Maybe you're right, but isn't it fun also to drive with your open Cabriolet through a beautiful, winter, landscape? Or even every closed car is able to enjoy the 'Winterwonderland' around the lake!
Everyone's invited to take part, if youre car isnt older than 30 years!

If you wanted to par…

Nice G-Power Video!

Hey Guys!

Today while school some classmates reminded me on that Video and, of course, we watched it together. The funny thing about it was, there were no speakers in school and so my two classmates just synchronosized whats happening, and all was right!
So, it doesnt matter if you understand German or not, just watch at 4:00 (of cource also the whole vid) and you'll see a nice scene with a GT3 RS :)

Hope you like that Video (it's not owned by me!) and don't forget to become a fan on Facebook or Follow with the 'Google Friend Connect'


Car of the Week: Lamborghini Revénton

Hello People

Sorry for not posting the last days, but now I am back again with a new Car of the Week: the Lamborghini Reventon!

From 2008 - 2009 Lamborghini priduced just 20 of this V12 Monster in its hometown Santa' Agata Bolognese in Italy. Every car got a stamp between the driver's and the passender's seat with the serial number. The 21st model, 0/20, was produced for the Lamborghini museum.
This Million Dollar Baby (~US$1.31 million, or ~£840,000) can reach a maximum speed from up to 340 kmh (211.3 mph).
Like Lamborghinis tradition, also the Reventon is named after a fighting bull. The bull Revénton was killed in 1943. The name also means "explosion" or "he who seems to be about to burst".

Most of the mechanical elements were directly taken from the Murciélago LP640, the exterior was inspired by "the fastest airplanes". It was just one colour available: "mid opaque grey without the usual shine." A nice interior gadget is a &qu…