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Kind of an Automotive Graveyard

Hey Guys

After years without thinking about and visiting this Place, on Friday I wanted to take a look if It's still existing. I haven't found the masses, I still kept in my mind, but there are still some 'Wracks' over ...

Some of you might think it's horrible and someone should sue the owner of this all for what he does to this cars, but I think it's already beautiful and nice again! Cars in a natural environment, doing what the nature does to them ...

Maybe I'll be there back soon, for some more pictures of this Automotive Graveyard .. :)


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I'm in . . 'Germanys best Driver'-Contest / Deutschlands beste Autofahrer

Hey Guys

Whooohhooo, it's still so so unbelivable - I'm invited by Auto Bild (I did everything by the normal way, it has nothing to do with my Blog) to be part of the "Deutschlands beste Autofahrer" (Germanys best drivers) Competition. In July I'll be with 49 other participants near Munich, the whole day, to do some theory and some practical tests to see who's the best with the less mistakes.
At the whole Competition there are 1.500 people who participate this year - and I'm one of those :)

I've added some pictures of the current Auto Bild issue with Impressions of the first Contest (there are 10 in 10 different cities). All rights for what's in the pictures belongs to Auto Bild, the pictures were ALL taken by myself.

I've also added some examples that show what a good driver I am . . . laughing is allowed!

Here you find the aftermath of this event.

Title: "... and how do you drive?"

The look of the current issue

How I park at school…

small Fiat 500 meeting

Hey Guys

Something cute for a unliked sunday evening ... some Impressions of a small Fiat 500 Meeting in Friedrichshafen, Germany last month.

The yellow-blue is my favourite, and yours? ;-)


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Cars at the Tuning World Bodensee

Hey Guys

Again some Spotting at and around the Tuning World Bodensee 2011 - especially I like the first picture, do you like it also?

Have a great weekend! ;)