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Creating an AUTO QUIZ Encyclopedia- please help!

Hey Guys

Have you ever played an "Auto Quiz" and at some point you just had no new idea about what to ask next? So, to fight against this, and also for our all knowledge: What about creating TOGETHER an huge catalogue for "Auto Quizzes"?

Help me by creating an huuge Encyclopedia for questions about Cars :-)

Send me all your Suggestions either as an E-Mail, leave a comment below this post or write them on the Facebook wall.

I'll collect them all and hopefully I can soon publish the first dozens of Q's and A's! :)

Share and suggest this Link also to your friends so more people will contribute to this Encyclopedia!!


Peugeot HX1 Concept Car at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

Hey Guys

At this years "Frankfurt Motor Show" Peugeot presents a very cool and dynamic concept car: the Peugeot HX1.

With the concept car Peugeot HX1 lends his slogan, "Motion and Emotion", a new dimension and proves its ability to reinvent itself with new ideas and constant progress.

The pioneering study is a demanding specifications based: was called for an unconventional vehicle with room for up to six occupants. Strong, athletic, efficient and sophisticated aerodynamic concept car that gives an incomparable driving pleasure.

To meet this requirement, the HX1 brilliantly uses all of the technical possibilities: extremely sophisticated aerodynamics, with "flaps" that fold out depending on speed, streamlined, flat architecture and Van HYbrid4 drive with plug-in technology.

A novel, versatile approach - striving for maximum efficiency

Car of the Week: Ferrari F430

Hey Guys

Todays "Car of the Week"-Topic: Italy :)

The Ferrari F430 is a sports car assembled in Maranello, Italy, from 2004 - 2009, by Ferrari. It followed the Ferrari 360 and it's successor is the Ferrari 458 Italia. It debuted at the Paris Motor Show in 2004.

It has a 4.3L V8 petrol engine with 483 HP and needs 4.0 seconds for the sprint 0-100 km/h (62 mph).

There are a few variants available, these are:

* F430 Spider: a convertible version based on the coupé, which had its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. Expect of the roof almost everything, like the interior, is identical.

*F430 Challenge: the racing version which can reach a top speed of 315 km/h (196 mph).

*F430 GT2: Was built to replace the 360 GTC and competited in the American Le Mans Series, FIA GT and also at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Spot of the Day: Bentley 4.25 Park Ward Drophead Coupe

Hey Guys

Whoa, what a find today: a rare Bentley 4.25 Litre Park Ward Drophead Coupe. These models were built between 1936 and 1939 by Bentley Motors in Derby, Derbyshire as a replacement for the 3.25 Litre.

The Drophead version was also featured in the "Never say Never Again" movie as James Bond's car, in 1983.

Also some Famous people like actor Robert Montgomery or racing driver Prince Bira once owned one of the 1234 total produced luxury cars.

The new Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Hey Guys
Today the new Mercedes-Benz B-CLASS Brochure came by the Postman and I have to say: I kinda like Mercedes' new "Grandpa"-Car.
It looks now much more sporty and elegant and is now more a Car also for smaller Familys, for young people but also for Businesspeople - so it's in the Class of the "Compact sports tourer".

The market launch is in November 2011 and the pre-sales start at September 15th (Frankfurt International Motor Show's first public day)

For me the front looks a bit like the R-Class, the side parts are very sporty designed but also very aerodynamic with a drag coefficient of cd = 0.26 and with the rear you can still recognize the "B-Class-veins" (or the A-Class ones, if you're one of the peoples who can't seperate them).

Miss Tuning Calendar 2012 Shooting - Day 2/3/4 - edited Version!!

Hey Guys

Now the Pictures of Day 2 and 3 of the one-week Photoshoot in Croatia for the 2012 Miss Tuning Calendar with MISS TUNING Mandy Lange - enjoy them! ;-)

EDITED VERSION: now also with the Impressions of Day 4!

Also nice: the Calendar Shooting and Shooting Day 1

Creating a Convertible out of a Fiat 500

Hey Guys

Isn't it like real live: Everyone wants an Convertible for summer ... driving through fields of green grass, sometimes a tree, a few happy horses around ... or similar.
But back to the fact - Convertibles are almost everyones wish. And why not creating one ... enjoy the Video, hope you like it! ;)

If you're interested in the REAL one, check out Autofabrik Bodensee!

A Post with a complete "Fiat 500 review" will follow soon.

Miss Tuning 2011 Calendar Shooting in Croatia Day 1

Hey Guys

All my respect to the Guys working on this Project in hot Croatia - you're doing a great job!
Some first Impressions, enjoy them ;-)

More Infos about the Miss Tuning Calendar Shooting

"Gemballa racing" enters with two McLaren MP4-12C GT3 the 2012 motorsport season

Hey Guys

“GEMBALLA racing” to enter two McLaren MP4-12C GT3s in the 2012 motorsport season...

Setting yet another milestone in the year of its 30th Anniversary, GEMBALLA is proud to announce the debut of GEMBALLA racing. The new team will enter two McLaren MP4-12C GT3 cars in the 2012 motorsport season.

Miss Tuning 2011 Calendar Shooting with Mandy Lange

Hey Guys
As you know, Mandy Lange is MISS TUNING 2011. And the complete next week she will be in the beautiful Croatia, with the famous photographer Max Seam, to shoot some nice pictures for the "Tuning World Bodensee Calendar 2012".

Of course I'll keep you updated with everything new and interesting and some preview and backstage photos - so stay tuned!

I've attached some first photos of the first test shoot. Max Seam, who will set Mandy in scene with gorgeous cars is very satisfied. I'm, too! Hope you'll have a nice time there in Zagreb, Croatia, Mandy :)

Spot of the Day: Porsche Speedster

Hey Guys

While a Classic Car Rally some time ago (I'll show you some pictures and Videos soon!) I've spotted this red, cool, chop-top convertible: the Porsche 911 Speedster.

Free Car Magazines Download

Hey Guys

Do you ever wanted to know where you can download automotive magazines as .pdf on your Computer/Tablet? For free? Here's the answer!

Check out UK Magazines for an overview (they offer also some non-automotive mags) ;)


You can find me also on Facebook, Flickr, twitter, Bloglovin and of course on YouTube.

Automotive Art: painted hub caps

Hey Guys

Last week there was a culture-event in Friedrichshafen, Germany, ("Kulturufer") and some kids/young adults created these painted hub caps. To present them the public they hang their Art around the Fences around the lakeside path.

I don't know if they are there still, but nice to look at anyway!

At the Gohm in Singen - Pictures and Video

Hey Guys

Two weeks ago I went to Singen, Germany, and of course I've visited the famous "Automeile" there. There are all the best car dealers and you can buy almost every car your heart beats for.
At the Gohm I've already seen the FERRARI FF, here now what else I've seen there - enjoy!

Hey Guys

Yesterday was the officially launch of a new site:

It's a new Playground for car enthusiasts where you can register for free. You can promote Events you host or you're a big fan of, take part at the forum, etc.

Also you can feature your own car there, upload pictures, and find other feautured cars - maybe there's someone with the same one? ;)

So, check out the page and share your car enthusiast with others!


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Car of the Week: Lotus Evora S

Hey Guys

Hope you had a nice Sunday, and still have!
Now another "Car of the Week", this time the Lotus Evora. My model car is the S-version.

Developed as the Project called Eagle, the Evora is the first car of Lotus' plan to expand their line of Cars.

As the further models Elise, Exige and Europa the Evora is also based on the same Lotus Cars vehicle platform, but currently the only model with a 2+2 configuration. Thanks to the larger interior taller persons are able to fit comfortably inside. Thanks to Lotus CEO Mike Kimberely, who is 1.98m (6'5") tall.

Spot of the Day: Jaguar XJ220

Hey Guys

At the Auto-Salon in Singen, Germany, the biggest supercar and exotic car dealer in europe, I've seen this nice and rare Jaguar XJ220. Enjoy the photos and the Video of todays "Spot of the Day"!

If you're interested in, the XJ220 is available to buy ;)

22 Automotive Quotes

Hey Guys

I've collected some "Automotive quotes" and now are some of my favorites - 22 to be exactly.

What's your favorite of these and do you know any i haven't wrote here? Let me know them!

Fiat Topolino Meeting Friedrichshafen

Hey Guys

Last month there was a Fiat Topolino Meeting in Friedrichshafen, to be exactly on the 16th of July.
Of course I stopped by and took a few shots and a short Video. The first time I've seen a Fiat Topolino in real was in Rimini, Italy, about 3 or 4 years ago ... I've seen it, this dark grey one on the other side of the street (I was inside a bus....) and straightly fell head over heels in love ... and yes, I still like them!
Sadly you don't see them around very often, or in normal live, not even once a year, but I like it everytime when I see some uncommon classic cars around! :)

Spot of the Day: Ferrari FF

Hey Guys

On Friday I went on the first longer trip with the Fiat 500 C and drove to Singen, to the Famous "Automeile". This is a street with big car dealers where you can buy everything like a Veyron, 458 Italia, Koenigsegg's , Porsche's, McLarens, and everything else you're looking for.
Of course I've visited the Auto Salon, but at another dealership I've seen this "family station wagon" and now named it todays Spot of the Day.

When I first saw the FF at the Geneva Motor Show this year I didn't liked it that much ... but since I've seen this one, in grey, I have to admit my opinion changed - but nevertheless I can't get familiar with the fact that Ferrari now has a family station wagon!

Do you like the FF?

First week with the 500C // Die erste Woche mit dem 500C

Hey Guys
Hallo Leute

What awesome 7 days I had with the 500C - and luckily I can continue the time with it!
The next days a complete test review Video will follow and also some Videos where I present all the nice gadgets the C has.

But before you have to wait for the completed version now some first Facts why I like the C so so much:

Car of the Week: Volkswagen 181

Hey Guys

Some of you might like it, some not and some might never heard about it: the Volkswagen 181, or better known as "Kübelwagen" ("bucket car").
The model name changed to 182 for the right hand drive form. It was produced from 1969 to 1983 but in 1980 the civilian sales stopped.

During the 1960s several european governments were start planning to develop a lightweight amphibious vehicle that could be mass produced for various governments and militarys.

Little Boy driving powerful cars

Hey Guys

Sometimes I get really amazed by things people do - crazy things, things I couldn't do, I would be too affraid of and so on. But sometimes I really get a bit angry of things people do ...

Like here: a 9 year old KID driving an Audi R8. Okay, it's "only" a V8, but nevertheless it has 420 HP. First of all, imagine what could happen! The boy looses the controll, crashes into his own father and injures him. Yeah, okay, he wasn't driving fast in the videos, but who knows what happend "behind the videos" and within a few seconds the R8 accelerates so fast the kid really can't handle it anymore!

Wednesday Event: Torpedo Run 2011

This is not a mission for the weak of heart and it has one name: Torpedo Run. This exclusive
event is a real extraordinary automobile party, which impresses by pure driving pleasure,
breathtaking action-events, gourmet pleasures, luxury hotels and glamour. This year, the
Torpedo Run takes place from 23 to 25 September 2011. New challenges and exciting
events are going to await the Torpedo Runners at all times to give them a memorable time.
All adds up to a weekend of a lifetime!

First 24h with the Fiat 500 C

Hey Guys

Yesterday began, beside of a new month, also kind of a new "decade" for me - the whole August I'm able to test drive a beautiful white Fiat 500 C, thanks to the Autofabrik Bodensee in Tettnang.

While this month I'll create some nice (and funny...) Videos and some more photoshootings are also planned :)

the Car Addicts YouTube Channel

Hey Guys

Now I want to introduce you The Car Addict's YouTube Channel which is called "autofreak4ever" and I've created this one in 2009.

If you haven't knew it yet, you can find my channel HERE.

I've already created a "Cars 2011" Playlist with my recent spots - I'll add more soon ;)

And also stay tuned for much, much more Videos. You'll like them!!


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