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Volkswagen white up!

Hey Guys

Before I'll publish my Test Drive with the nice VW up! tomorrow I share today some of my own snaps from the IAA - Frankfurt Motor Show with you. The Motor Show took place in September this year in Frankfurt, Germany, and the up! was one of the Cars that got presented to the public there for the first time.

Do not forget: I asked all of you for Questions you have about the up! and its still now to late if you have one, two or more things you'd like to know about Volkswagen's new small Car!
Write me an e-Mail or write your Question(s) below, thanks! Every Question will get an Answer! EVERY!! ;)

Haldenhof Revival: Volkswagen Bulli Bosch Service Car

Hey Guys

At the Haldenhof Revival in Ludwigshafen, near the Lake of Constance in Germany, a Bosch Service Car attended the Hill Climb. A customized, very pretty done, classic Volkswagen Bulli from 1956. Isn't it nice?? :)

Question: Would you survive 30 days without driving any Car??

Hey Guys

When you're used to something every day, again and again, and it's just a great habit of yourself (and millions and millions of others on this planet) - driving a Car.

Automotive Fashion: Audi Collections A1 Softshell Jacket

Hey Guys
What a bargain I did on eBay a few weeks ago: a (almost) brand new Audi A1 Soft Shell Jacket. I got it for only about 20 % of the real shop-price, so that helps me to get over that I can at least not wear this one until March, April or later in 2012.

LA Auto Show #LAAS 2011

Hey Guys

Through Google Plus Mike McKay contacted me if I ever want to use some of his LA Auto Show pictures I can, so I did!

If you like his work (and yes, you will!) you can check out his flickr Channel mikemimages for more!

Event: Car Fetish. I drive, therefore I am - Museum Tinguely Basel

Hey Guys

Yesterday there was a talk with the title "Car Fetish" ("Fetisch Auto") at the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Even just cause of the title I couldnt miss this event!!!

It started at 7 pm but already since 5 pm there was space for car addicts, like me, they were showing the original film "Herbie rides again" ("Herbie groß in Fahrt") by Robert Stevenson from 1974.

Roland Wetzel, Director of the museum Tinguely in Basel, Switzerland, presented us the exhibitition that took place in his museum from June to October this year. There just couldn't be a better name than "Car Fetish. I drive, therefore I am." (" Fetisch Auto. Ich fahre, also bin ich") for it, definitely!!!

The Karma does it with only 2.1l

Hey Guys

What nice news today: the LUXURY SEDAN but also ELECTRIC VEHICLE Fisker Karma just achieved a ALL-ELECTRIC RANGE of 83 km and with the range extender it only needed 2.1l/100km - wow! And all this with only 51 g/km CO2.

The Karma is with its 400 HP definitely one of the most efficient, lowest emission automobiles available despite its size, performance and visual appeal.

Automotive Accessories: Škoda Fabia Combi Keychain

Hey Guys

Don't we all love these little presents from car manufactures/brands we mostly get from the Dealers or at Fairs, Shows or Events !?!

Wednesday Event: Constance meets Cape Town

Hey Guys

It's time for another Wednesday Event! Today I'll present you a very special classic car event. The largest city at the Lake of Constance, Constance, will meet Cape Town in South Africa. You're thinking "How is this possible?" Keep on reading!

Sorry Guys, but I have the biggest Car Key!

Hey Guys

Always the Question "Who got the biggest" CAR KEY has now finally an end ... sorry Guys, I think this is probably one of the biggest keys ... or do you know any bigger one? If so, comment below, thanks!! ;)

Spot of the Day: BMW 3,0 Csi Coupe

Hey Guys

While the 16th Lindau Klassik, a nice classic car Event in south Bavaria, at June 26th 2011 I've spotted while the Start straight at the Harbour/the Lake of Constance this lovely BMW 3,0 Csi Coupe from 1972. I'm in Love, you're too?

Car of the Week: the classic Mini

Hey Gals

This time the Car of the Week: the Mini. Of course the classic and REAL one, the British icon. Not the one by BMW ...

Who doesn't know this little equivalent to its German contemporary, the Volkswagen Beetle?

New MUST-SEE Film: "Revenge of the Electric Car"

Hey Guys

We all know and love the dozens of movies with wheel spinning Cars, more powerful than little kids can actually count and all the fast rides on the motorways/ the autobahn. But now imagine all this with zero emission and in total silence - but with a plus of heart beating and probably more enthusiasms.

No, you don't need to be perplex now cause you can't imagine that such a movie/documentary could be fun, but belive me, you will like it!!

Revenge of the Electric Car is not only a movie, a film, a documentary, it's so touching and much more than these previous words could describe!

The world and especially the automotive world is now at a point of rethinking and fining new ways for transportation. Elon Musk, I could mention it a trillion times, is just a real genius! He knows what we, the people, really want without saying it or even thinking about it. Combining minimalistic with usabillity and add new technics and above all, break new grounds. That's n…

Spot of the Day: Jaguar E-Type "Meeting"

Hey Guys

One day before the Motor Show I've spotted these dozens of Jag E-Types in front of any hotel (can't even remember where it was) in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

The Car Addict goes Print: Prestige Cars Magazine

Hey Guys

It's not very often that you can "touch" the Posts of a Blog, but in this (and my) case this time it's true - you can hold pictures published here in your own hands, or on your head, you can touch it with your feet, ...

The Prestige Cars Magazine published mygolden DeLorean DMC-12 pictures and wrote the story of it - WOW!

It's such an honor to see your own product in so many shops all over and a huge thanks to Prestige Cars for making everything possible!

Interested in having one by yourself? Check out HERE where you get this Mag.

Pictures courtesty of


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The Influence of Social Media Marketing on Brand Equity: The Case of the Automobile Industry

Hey Guys

A friend of mine just started this Online Survey with the title "The Influence of Social Media Marketing on Brand Equity: The Case of the Automobile Industry". He needs a lot of people doing this with true personal answers. All this he needs for his Master Dissertation.

At the end tree Amazon vouchers will be randomly awarded to three people. So please, hurry up and spent a maximum of 15 minutes for this Survey. It's up to you how long it will take! I needed only 9 minutes, so come on, you can do it within the same time!! ;-)

Here's the link: