Thursday, January 5, 2012

Art: MICHAEL SAILSTORFER - "Zeit ist keine Autobahn"

Hey Guys
Sure, you can't discuss about Art, but have a look at this! "Zeit ist keine Autobahn" (engl: time is no freeway) by the german artist Michael Sailstorfer.

By the way, click for more, then watch the Video and then check the last picture out - gosh, I love it :D

The 1977 born Sailstorfer became famous in 2005, just for this installation. He had the idea for this while he saw a tire store in Japan.

"A huge amount of energy dissipated into nothingness noisy - an art effort in the tradition of Sisyphus and Don Quixote, a fate that confronts us with our own life and their own actions and absurd comedy with revolts against the limits of possibility."

A hanging car tire that rubs on a wall, with an awesome smell :) What you can see in the pictures is the rubber from October 2011 to now, January 2012.



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  2. Crazy, brilliant, art.

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