Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Event: The Future of Urban Mobility - Webinar

Hey Guys
Isn't it every seconds dream, to join an important seminar but wearing your most comfortable sweatpants and a T-Shirt? Guess what, tomorrow (Jan 12th) that will be possible. For EVERYONE of you!! Want to know more? Please read on ;-)

So, what are your plans for tomorrow Evening, 5pm CET time? Now, thats what you're gonna do: watching the WEBINAR: "THE FUTURE OF URBAN MOBILITY?" which will be held tomorrow, live from the Brussels Auto Salon.

But what is this Webinar and what will it be about?
In General it should give, especially young people, an impulse to think about themselves and our all future.  Young people are the leaders of tomorrow!

Any next Events?
On a monthly basis there are more Webinars planned. In February there will be Daimler and in March Jaguar Land Rover. Any more you will read here on the Blog in the Future! ;)

Which Brands are participating?
For now there are Toyota, Daimler, JLR, DAF, IVECO, Ford, Fiat, Volvo, Volkswagen, PSA Citroen, Renault, BMW. Each month one with a new webinar.

How long will each Webinar go?
About one to one and a half hours. But its on you and your activity, and maybe it will take 2 or more hours?! ;)

Why a Webinar and not an "offline" seminar?
Its online to offer more people, all over the world, the opportunity to participate because it wouldn't be possible for everyone to travel the world for an Event. Our Future is everyone's business!

How can I watch it?
Just click the banner below and on the official webpage again, thats it.

Who will host the webinar?
Two experts of their branches - on the one hand Dr. Stephan Herbst, Senior Manager at Toyota Motor Europe (TME). He is part of Toyota’s global climate change and energy team and is actively involved in mobility projects. And on the other hand Lars Akkermans. He is working as a researcher at Transport & Mobility Leuven specialised in modelling human behaviour and his main area of expertise is the analysis of the implications of road safety measures and (transport) policy on human behaviour, society and the environment.

So, have you already prepared your "comfortable uniform" for tomorrow? ;-) I already have and I'm pretty excited for the Webinar!! Make sure to follow me on twitter, and watch lets watch the webinar together ;)

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CLICK! Webinar "Urban Mobility" Click!


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