Sunday, February 5, 2012

Car of the Week: Mitsubishi L200 Triton

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Todays "Car of the Week", a Mitsubishi thats "also called" List is longer than the average accessories list when you're ordering a Rolls Royce. . .

So, now, more about the Mitsubishi Forte (1978–86), Mitsubishi L200, Mitsubishi L200 Strakar (1999-present), Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Mitsubishi Mighty Max (1982–96), Mitsubishi Storm, Mitsubishi Strada, Mitsubishi Warrior, Mitsubishi Magnum, Mitsubishi Colt Bakkie and last but for the future definitely not least name, Mitsubishi Sportero.

But in general the models are known as L2000 and are in Production since 1978. Since then there were 4 Generations of this compact pickup available. In 1978 it came as an import model, this time called Forte (in Japan), and was releated to the Dodge Ram-60 and the Plymouth Arrow, as they were developed in partnership with Chrysler.

In 1991 the second Generation got introduced and got also the name Strada, beside the L200. In 1996 the third Generation followed, still known as L2000 ;) To celebrate their success in the Rallye Dakar in 2005 there was a special "Dakar" version of the L200 available, with DAKAR badges on the fenders.

Then, in 2006 the forth and latest model of this SUT (Sport Utility Truck) came on the market, now also know as the Mitsubishi Triton. Its available as a Crew Cab and Single Cab.

(A little add to the pictures ... you know the situation when you're just too obsessed with something and then your "creativity"'s going crazy? The result is in the pictures..(Chocolate Macaroons ftw!))


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