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Spotted: unique Mercedes-Benz C111 design concept

Hey Guys

Today I've spotted something really, really nice and really, really, really rare at Mercedes-Benz Munich, the Mercedes-Benz C 111 from 1969. A Design Concept by the former Mercedes-Benz designer Bruno Sacco. He is acknowledged as one of the greatest designers in automotive history.

What a shame it never went in Production, but as the another ESF prototypes (Experimental Safety Vehicle) like the C111-I and C111-II it was just a concept, unfortunately.

My new Desktop Wallpaper :-)

When the classic meets his grandson ...

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG & Mercedes-Benz C111 design concept

There's also more arriving...


2 Kommentare:

  1. C111's were no ESF's, the ESF's were white sedans with modified dark front aprons, three of them are on display in the Stuttgart Mercedes Museum. The C111 serie was a test for alternative engines (wankelengines and later to maximize performance from diesel and petrol engines) and for the first few cars also a test for new body materials.

  2. The front looks a bit like a '68 Corvette.


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