Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spotted: unique Mercedes-Benz C111 design concept

Hey Guys

Today I've spotted something really, really nice and really, really, really rare at Mercedes-Benz Munich, the Mercedes-Benz C 111 from 1969. A Design Concept by the former Mercedes-Benz designer Bruno Sacco. He is acknowledged as one of the greatest designers in automotive history.

What a shame it never went in Production, but as the another ESF prototypes (Experimental Safety Vehicle) like the C111-I and C111-II it was just a concept, unfortunately.

My new Desktop Wallpaper :-)

When the classic meets his grandson ...

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG & Mercedes-Benz C111 design concept

There's also more arriving...



  1. C111's were no ESF's, the ESF's were white sedans with modified dark front aprons, three of them are on display in the Stuttgart Mercedes Museum. The C111 serie was a test for alternative engines (wankelengines and later to maximize performance from diesel and petrol engines) and for the first few cars also a test for new body materials.

  2. The front looks a bit like a '68 Corvette.


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