Monday, February 6, 2012

What is an "Autoblogger"?!

Hey Guys

Maybe you already read about the "Blogger Auto Award 2012", maybe not. Maybe you liked it, maybe you dont know why we've done it or maybe you like it. But why should you like it (just in case you dont already do. . )?

I guess your're now asking yourself why I'm writing this? The answer is pretty easy. Last Thursday someone commented on my FB Blog Page, when I posted the Ad AMG did as a Thank you, "Bloggers are people now?"

First of all I want to explain you the terms "Autoblogger", "Car Blogger", "Motor Blogger", "Automotive Blogger". (In the following text I will use Autoblogger for all the different words.)
An Autoblogger is a person who is very very very passionate about Cars, but maybe also Trucks and Motorbikes. It doesnt matter if youre only focused on new Cars, News, Classic/historical ones etc.
Every Autoblogger shares the things he likes and (dont judge me for this,) but you'll find a Blog for every intetest!

But why do those People (Oh, I forgot to mention before that Autobloggers are REAL people. Just like you and me!) all this? To get back to the "Blogger Auto Award", we aren't any replacement for the existing print media, we are just the way we are. Probably we are "faster" cause we access the Internet Daily and know that "Social Media" means more than just having an Account on Facebook and twitter! Most of us don't have a degree in Journalism or Photography or anything related, we are normal people (as mentioned above...) with a huge Interest in what we do and love the most - Cars.

In my Case The Car Addict, my Blog, is and feels to me like a little that kid is growing inside of me. But not in my stomach, its growing in my Heart and everyday it gets stronger, makes his mommy more happy and proud (which mom doesn't like to see her own kid growing and becoming its own personality?!) and its part of an unbelievable Passion.

And we Autoblogger just like to share what we like and all the others too, our passion and the fascinating things. But you do not have to forget that most of us follow other "normal" jobs during daytime and use a big part of their free-time thinking and writing about cars, but usually we don't recognize this as "work" but as something very natural, that often pleases us while doing so. Many of us are looking forward to write for their blog during their normal work and miss something if there are technical problems that prevent them from working on their "baby".

Falling asleep on your Notebook is not a rare moment (... :-) ...) and the first thing when I get up is that I check all the latest Notifications and E-Mails on my Tab, when I'm still in my bed. Don't get me wrong, I do not complain about all this, I LOVE it, but I just wanted to let you know ... that I really like everyone of you and yes, I do it for you!!

If you have an Opinion about this I would be pleased if you leave a Comment below, thanks in advance!



  1. Thank you for your sweet comment dear :') and best wishes for your lovely blog! and follow your passion! kisses!

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