Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When Auto Bloggers meet up .. they end up at the BMW Welt :)

Hey Guys
Do you know the right place for Motor Bloggers to meet up in Munich? Right, nothing better than the BMW Welt. And so Benny from Bimmertoday.de and I did, the past weekend.

And guess who joined us? Patrick Kuhnen and Tommy Haas, with some young people from the Bavarian Tennis Federation, were giving a little "warm-up" tennis. Actually, I wanted to post a press photo of the tournament, but unfortunately the press release from BMW disappeared, weird ... But anyway, the amazing sound of a M5 Safety Car and the little Isetta surrounded us - awesome! Attached you'll find some Impressions. :)



  1. Thanks for your lovely comment :)


  2. Vielen Dank für das Kommentar :D thihi eine 18jährige Autointeressierte und ein 19jähriger Modeinteressierter :) welch ungewöhnliche Zusammenkunft :)
    xxx Gruß aus Wien :D

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