Thursday, March 8, 2012

The ABC with the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Hey Guys
At the World Premiere of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class on Monday (a full report will follow tomorrow!) Mercedes Chairman Dr.Dieter Zetsche announced that the A now stands for "Attack". Inspired by this I've created a A-Z description of the new A-Class.

A stands for Attack.
B stands for the Body Building the A-Class now got, in comparision to the previous models (!)
C stands for the Comfort you can await and get inside the A-Class.
D stands for the former "Daddy-Image". But that's abandoned and history.
E stands for the Elk. (Who can't remember the Elk-Test from 1997) But there are no Problems with it nowadays :)
F stands for the Future aspect Mercedes starts with the A-series. The peoples wishes for premium compact Cars will grow.
G stands for Glamour. With the spherical front grille of the AMG Sports Package the A-Class, not even with it, finally turns into a pure Glamour Car.
H stands for Hunger for Changes. And Mercedes did, definitely!
I stands for the Integration of mobile Devices like iPhone's SIRI Compatibility.
J stands for the Jackpot you crack, or at least the feeling, when you finally decide to order a A-Class
K stands for all the Karaoke evenings you will skip just to stay into the A-Class to be as close as possible.
L stands for Love. Do I have to add more?
M stands for "more Mercedes for less price".
N stands for No Compromises. Either with the Interior, Exterior. The whole Package is perfect.
O stands for the optical impression, the first impression, you get when you see the A-Class for the first time. Everything looks better in real than on photos...
P stands for all the Police officers that will just stop you to have a better look inside the new "A".
Q stands for the good Quality.
R stands for the Racing-Feeling you won't only have with the AMG version or the AMG Sport Package.
S stands for all the Shoes that will fit into the Trunk.
T stands for all the wonderful trips you will do, when you own/get the chance to drive the A-Class.
U stands for Urban Mobility. The A-Class is not only a Car for the Race Track (:-]), but even more for urban regions. The A-Class definitely needs less parking space than an E- or C-Class.
V stands for "Volks-Mercedes" as I now use to call the new "A". A Mercedes for everyone.
W stands for the WOW" and WANT!-Effect you will have when you see the A-Class for the first time in real.
X stands for the X-chromosome. But no, the "A" is definitely not only a Girls-Car!
Y stands for the Y-chromosome. But no, the "A" is definitely not only a Boys-Car! Its for everyone :)
Z stands for Dr. Zetsche and all the other Designers, Engineers, ... behind him who were involved in creating the new A-Class.

As mentioned before, my #huntingaclass Diary will follow tomorrow! If I would be you, I'd better not miss it :)

BUT, do you have any "better descriptions" for any letters? I'm not 100% satisfied with some of them..


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  1. i love your A to Z list! as someone who always has at least 3-5 pairs of shoes is my car...S is my favorite!

    thanks for stopping by!


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