Saturday, March 10, 2012

GENEVA MOTOR SHOW: Bentley EXP 9F - the Picnic Car

Hey Guys
When you ever wanted a Car, JUST FOR HAVING A PICNIC OUTSIDE, then the Bentley EXP 9F should be on top of your list.
Thanks to its hugeness driving on grass will be no Problem. And as it seems the rear hatch can be also used as seats.

Okay, now stop with the irony.
Bentley presented this Concept SUV at the Geneva Motor Show on Thursday. And as (almost) every another automotive manufacturer now sells SUV's they may thought they need a same model. I can really imagine driving with such a luxurious vehicle for nice weekend trips anywhere in the UK's Countryside, somewhere close to the Coast.

We'll see if this Concept will go in Production ... and if so I'm the first taking it out for a Picnic :)

Courtesy of Bentley



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