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Hey Guys
In general when you go hunting you need weapons,clothing when it does not matter if it gets dirty and a Vehicle to transport your hunts back home. When Bloggers go hunting this looks a bit different: Smartphones, Tablet Computer and Notebooks all over. Cameras and Bags for the chargers. Except a good wi-fi connection thats mostly all we need to go hunting. In my Case last week: hunting the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

But now, let's begin from the Start!

Sunday, March 4th 2012 Day #1

At Midday I started my travel, by Ferry and Train, to Zurich. The first destination where we Bloggers met up with Mercedes-Benz. Just after I arrived in Switzerland Geneva Motor Show-Ads welcomed me :)

Then, after I arrived at the Hotel Plattenhof in Zurich the first thing was, of course, unpacking my Notebook and connecting to the Internet. As always, before even thinking about unpacking my suitcase and having a little nap.

We then went to the "Tempo-Drom" in Winterthur, Switzerland, to go Karting. In 4 groups we had 3 times each 8 minutes time to race the fastest laps. The fastest Lap counted in the end and those fastest 6 drove another match in the end. Nalden won and received the from all wanted price - driving a C63 AMG to Geneva the other day, with his Co-Driver Ji-Hun. (Have you ever heard the sound of it ... more than amazing d-.-b)
My own Karting Talent was left anywhere else ... maybe I left it in Germany (?), but at least I wasn't the last one in every 3 rounds. But it was fun, thats what counts!

Afterward we had Dinner at the Australian "Outback Lodge" in Winterthur (highly recommended!!!!) and had some kangaroos, crocodiles, chicken and for the vegetarian Curry with Rice. Not to miss the super super delicious chocolate cake!

The first Day ended a bit too early for me cause I fell a sleep before the surprise Birthday Party (ggrrr...). So, that has been my first Day, tomorrow more about Day #2 where we went hunting with SLK's and a C-Class and learned a lot about the Tech inside the new A-Class.

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