Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hey Guys
Now, finally, there it is - Day #2 of my "Hunting the new A-Class" adventure I had with Mercedes-Benz. Road Trip, learning so much about the new A-Class and its stunning (!!) new technologies and then, as the cherry on top, being live at the world premiere in Geneva. That's what I call a "WOW Day" you will never forget.

The Day started early, up from 7 am we were were able to have Breakfast, before meeting up and getting briefed about the Road Trip and whats scheduled for the Day.

The Day before I was able to choose between a new SLK 200 or a C-Class "Edition 1" and I've choosen the SLK (I was hoping for sunny and warm weather ...).

Driving a Mercedes-Benz with a manual transmission was in the first seconds a "new" experience, but in the end surely no Problem. Even if you can drive a bit more sporty (in my opinion) with a manual we weren't able to test a sporty driving due to the strict speed limits of 120 km/h in Switzerland.
An extra report about my "Driving the new SLK" will follow the next Days, including a better and more detailed description of COMMAND Online.

Then I've started the Navigation wich directed me perfectly to our first Stop - in Weggis, near Lucerne, the A-Class Concept welcomed us. Steffen Köhl, he leads the Advanced Design Studio in Germany (Sindlfingen), Beijing, Yokohama, and California, (just realized later that I overtook him on the highway earlier that Day ... :]) and Ralf Lamberti, Head of Infotainment at Daimler, demonstrated us how the new A-Class was designed and on the other side how it will look from the inside and all the glorious things we can expect. (Stay tuned for the another Post!)

The cool thing was, we weren't just using the integrated COMMAND Navigation system, no, I was logged in with my regular Facebook Account and we've then choosen a Place where one of my Facebook Friends logged in. Logging in to Facebook, checking where your Friends are, starting the Navigation to this Place. Almost foolproof!

At our second stop in Berne, at the Paul Klee Zentrum, where Johann Jungwirth,  President/CEO at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America in Palo Alto, demonstrated us how SIRI and other Apps (like Facebook, twitter, Panoramio, the weather forecast, ...) work in the new A-Class. Is this stunning, or is it stunning!?!

A development mule of the A-Class was waiting outside for us. (We weren't able to unwrap it...)

Invasion of the iPhone ... Blogger at work

Marco, my co-driver, and I then swapped Cars with Gonzague and Ryan - hello C-Class Edition 1, you matte black baby! We also used this to change postions, now Marco was driving the left 200 km to Geneva.

Hunting the C36 AMG...

The Lucky AND Happy C 63 AMG driver, Nalden.

"My" former SLK with its new drivers, Ryan and Gonzague.

Jan and Chris filming the Road Trip.

Landscapes in Switzerland
(Is this the "famous" Toblerone Mountain??)

Arriving in Geneva.

Timati's R8 in Geneva

Summarized it was a great Road-Trip and we were completely briefed about the new A-Class and ready to join the World Premiere. More the next Days! Stay tuned ;-)


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