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Nissan DeltaWing in LeMans 2012

NISSAN DeltaWing, picture by NISSAN

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NISSAN developed a radical experimental racecar wich is powered by a Nissan 1.6-litre four-cylinder DIG-T (Direct Injection Gasoline - Turbocharged) engine. It will wear number ‘0' and run outside race classification for the first time at the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours (June 16/17).

"As motor racing rulebooks have become tighter over time, racing cars look more and more similar and the technology used has had less and less relevance to road car development. Nissan DeltaWing aims to change that and we were an obvious choice to become part of the project," said Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Producing up to 300 hp while half the aerodynamic drag and weight of the existing Cars the DeltaWing is expected to run laps times between LMP1 and LMP2 machines, by only half of the Power the  have.
The DeltaWing will provide results in future development technologies, that will be also used for Nissan's road cars.

Nissan DeltaWing concept originator and designer, Briton Ben Bowlby, said: "Nissan has provided us with our first choice engine. It's a spectacular piece. We've got the engine of our dreams: it's the right weight, has the right power and it's phenomenally efficient."

The british Sportscar racer Mario Franchitti and Nissan's reigning FIA GT1 World Champion Michael Krumm are the first drivers for the Nissan DeltaWing. In the Car they sit in the back, almost over the rear axle and look ahead down a long, narrow fuselage to narrow twin front tyres, specially created for the car by tyre partner Michelin.

What do you think about the DeltaWing Project, will it revolutionize the LeMans series?


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